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Zapopán, Jalisco. Mexico.

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Cube 2 Tower. Royal Country Office Building


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Concentrating a series of tall buildings in a single urban sector is the argument behind this interesting project, which seeks to single out its presence through its iconic geometry.

A tower always seeks to single itself out, and its sculptural value is its most prized feature.

In this case, the aim is not to detach this sculptural value from its structural expression. The project is based on the idea that any balancing act whose functioning we can understand will ultimately reflect a tension that is also harmony.

Since the building was located in the near vicinity of two similarly tall towers, the project decided to deal with this by leaning the tower into the main street, a movement that constitutes the project’s iconic expression.

With a parallelepiped as its basis, two sets of concrete walls form sharp angles and divide the building into two triangles free of any interior pillars.

These walls are the main structural element. A great sloping girder props up the ground-floor façade pillars and helps to shape the building’s entrance. The geometry of this girder provides the guideline for the incline followed by the façade awning, seeking an image of slenderness through it. The formal expression of these balancing acts results from leaning the tower forward and configuring the façade with geometric lines that never run parallel to the floor.

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Localización Location: Zapopán, Jalisco. Mexico. Arquitecto autor del proyecto Project architect: Carme Pinós Desplat. Arquitecto responsable del proyecto Architect responsible for the project: Juan Antonio Andreu. Colaborador en Dirección de Obra Collaborator in Works Management: Salvador Macías, Diego Quirarte. Arquitectos colaboradores Collaborating architects: Cristóbal Martínez, Holger Hennefarth. Colaboradores Collaborators: Daniel Cano, Paula Poveda, Teresa Lluna Andreu, José Carlos Castro Barros. Estructura Structure: Luís Bozzo. Mediciones y presupuesto Measurements and budget: Anteus. Maqueta Model: MyP Maquetas. Infografía Computer Graphics: Daniel Cano. Cliente Client: Grupo Cube. Constructora General Contractor: Anteus. Superficie construida Built area: 34.100m² (14.800m² edificio + 18.300m² aparcamiento). Fecha inicio y finalización de la obra Start and completion date of the works: Diciembre 2009 - Junio 2014. Fotografía Photography: Jordi Bernadó.
Carme Pinós
Jordi Bernadó