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Bogotá. Colombia

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Torre BD Bacatá in Bogotá


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Verticality, different uses sharing the space and the intent of urban regeneration characterise this interesting and eye-catching project situated in the centre of Colombia’s capital.

Standing in the centre of the city of Bogotá, located between 19th and 20th streets at carrera 5, is this mixed-use complex of Torre Bacatá. The complex consists of two towers, one of which —the north tower with 56 storeys— contains 405 flats and 117 offices. The south tower, with 67 storeys, contains 3 hotels: a long-stay, 63-room hotel; a 5-star hotel with 319 rooms plus 16 attached hotel suites; and a third hotel use comprising 51 luxury hotel suites, together with a 5-level platform containing a shopping centre.

Torre Bacatá is a hybrid-functionality project whose sustainability is achieved in a passive way, without the need for external resources. The construction performs an urban regeneration task that enables improvements in its setting, acting as an economic and urban driver for the area through a strategy of revitalising urban centres, creating buildings capable of exerting centrifugal force on the spaces and activities that surround them, unlike the concept of the disperse city.

The project is tiered to create terraces equipped with communal areas and leisure spaces, designed with a manifest eco-friendly and environmental intention. These green terraces meet a design strategy that favours ventilation, lighting, sustainability and maintenance criteria. The staggering in a vertical direction crowns the building with its two towers, of which the south tower is 216 metres in height. This, with the 24-metre antenna that finishes the building, creates a combined total height of 240 metres and thus makes it one of the tallest buildings in Latin America.

The shell of the complex consists of two materials, concrete and glass, with a modular curtain wall system and glazing that ensures the building’s comfort and safety. The outside of the glazing features a lattice applied as ceramic paint in variable-intensity white that depending on its orientation gives it a vaguely nebulous presence, an atmospheric halo that makes it appropriate both in terms of sustainability and in its formal and compositional aspect.

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Localización Location: Bogotá. Colombia. Usos Applications: Hotel, centro comercial, viviendas y oficinas. Arquitectos Architects: Alonso Balaguer Arquitectos Asociados. | Luís Alonso, Sergi Balaguer. Asesoria Instalaciones Installations consultancy: SURIS, S.L. Consultores estructura Structure consultants: PyD. Mechanical installations consultants: HVAC. Mechanical installations eléctricas Electrical mechanical installations: Ciudad Sistema. Consultores instalaciones telecomunicaciones Telecommunications installation consultants: USB Ingeniería. Consultores instalaciones hidrosanitarias Hydro-sanitary installation consultants: PLINCO. Cliente Client: BD Promotores Colombia. Constructora General Contractor: PRABYC, Ingenieros. Superficie construida Built area: 112.846,99m². Fecha inicio y finalización de la obra Start and completion date of the works: 2012 - 2017. Fotografía Photography: BD Promotores Colombia, IPO (Colombia).
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Alonso Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados
Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona
BD Promotores Colombia, IPO (Colombia).