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Salmiya. Kuwait.

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Wind Tower


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Contrasting with the flat Kuwaiti landscape, this vertical construction proposal is an in-depth study and transformation of the setting’s conventional typologies, in a steadfast effort to improve environmental conditions.

Wafra Vertical Housing introduces a new urban housing concept, intending to adapt today’s Kuwait
to the 21st-century lifestyle. Owing to the growing demand for land in the city, the idea involved transforming the family house type into a vertical arrangement so that occupants can enjoy the privacy of their own home while benefiting from the services and privileged location offered by this high-rise solution.

Understanding and reinterpreting the construction typologies and techniques of the local setting is one of the key objectives of this design. The building’s main services are thus situated in the south wing to minimise exposure to sunlight and therefore reduce energy consumption, as it acts as a thermal barrier for the rest of the construction. This is why there is only a minimal opening in the south façade, while the building opens up to the north, enjoying the exceptional views of the sea. The optimal opportunities for natural light and crossed ventilation also become essential elements in the design, giving the tower its character and determining its orientation.

Considering the idea of the traditional Middle-Eastern typology of the courtyard and developing it volumetrically, the initial concept flowers in the shape of the tower. The courtyard is no longer constrained to the building’s nucleus: instead, it takes light and ventilation
from the façade, channels it through the swimming pool area and then it flows through all the levels, exiting through the opposite façade.

Granite stone was chosen for the façade to give the tower a monolithic hewn appearance sculpted by the wind, in contrast to the smooth surfaces of the interior courtyard, which have been whitewashed.

Functionally and geometrically, the tower rises on a pedestal consisting of two levels and containing the
public spaces –including the pool and the gym. The apartments rise organically and allow light and ventilation through. The total height of the tower is 13 storeys, with 12 duplex apartments to preserve privacy. An attic floor crowns the building, with gardens on the flat roof and terraces with unbeatable vistas.

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Localización Location: Salmiya. Kuwait. Arquitectos Architects: AGi architects. | Nasser B. Abulhasan, Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea. Jefes de proyecto Project leaders: Stefania Rendinelli, Lulu Alawadhi. Equipo proyecto Project Team: Georg Thesing, Juan Carlos Jiménez, Cristina Ruiz, Alfredo Carrato, Ehsan Abdulrasoul Rahimi, Ibrahim Abu Fayyad. Ingenieros Engineers: Arturo Macusi, Joseph Thomas. Cliente Client: Wafra Real Estate Co. Constructora General Contractor: PRABYC, Ingenieros. Superficie construida Built area: 6.500m2. Fecha inicio y finalización de la obra Start and completion date of the works: 2014 - 2017. Fotografía Photography: AGi architects.
AGI Architects

AGi architects