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Granada. Spain.

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Faculty of Medicine, on the Health Campus of Granada University


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The strategy of the built complex of the Faculty of Medicine in the city of Granada participates in the plan foreseen for the general layout of the campus, in which horizontality and verticality reference the different uses on an urban scale.

The Faculty of Medicine occupies three of the bars situated to the west of the central building. Each one of them in turn comprises a horizontal two-floor strip plus semi-basement for teaching and general uses, plus a nine-storey tower for departments. The three pieces are connected between each other by walkways. The built complex follows the plan assigned to it in the general layout of the campus, which seeks a marked horizontality in the bars intended for teaching and arranged around a central building as well as to become a reference on an urban scale in the department towers that dot the edges of the campus.

The general plan for all the buildings that comprise the campus ensures variety within a recognisable unit and with a sufficiently clear identity to stand out in a difficult setting. This composition combines the campus concept as a community space on a peaceful scale with the need for consistency and identity required by a place such as this, situated on the diffuse limit between the city and the metropolitan area.

On the west façade of the faculty, a landscaped square builds a space leading to the access via a large awning, providing the building with its own space that distances it from the traffic and affords a broad view of the complex.

The connection with the rest of the university complex is via a network of pedestrian paths. The two internal streets that configure the three volumes of the building are used not only as contemplative or lighting spaces but also as an integral part of the network of open spaces. These landscaped spaces open on to the rest of the campus and ensure the permeability of the entire complex.

The different uses are organised by distributing in the central bar the most public or representative ones (assembly hall, cafeteria, associations, etc.) and the teaching spaces (classrooms and labs) in the lateral ones.

The three 11-storey towers containing the departments feature an analogous operation, with a communications nucleus comprising a staircase, lifts, installations wells and wet rooms and free spaces occupied by strips of offices, leaving the rest available for each department’s concrete needs. The circulation space adopts an organic shape, configuring larger lounge, rest, meeting and other spaces, thus defining curved freeform courtyards landscaped with trees.

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Localización Location: Granada. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos. | Antonio Cruz y Antonio Ortiz. Dirección de obra Site management: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos. Arquitectos colaboradores Collaborating architects: Blanca Sánchez, Miguel Velasco, Ramiro Villegas, Guillermo Torres, Oscar Minguez, David García. Ingeniería de estructuras Structural Engineer: Tedeco Ingenieros. Ingeniería de clima HVAC engineering: JG Ingenieros. Iluminación Lighting: JG Ingenieros. Protección contra Incendios Fire protection: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos. Seguridad y salud Security and health: Cemosa, Ingeniería y Control. Paisajismo Landscaping: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos. Survey: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos. Imagen digital Digital imaging: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos. Maqueta Model: Queipo Maquetas. Cliente Client: Universidad de Granada. Control de obra Works control: Análisis Edificación y Construcción. Constructora General Contractor: UTE Corsán, ACSA, UCOP. Superficie construida Built area: 35.722,28m². Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2015. Fotografía Photography: Javier Calleja, Manuel Renau, Fotowork (maqueta).
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Antonio Cruz
Antonio Ortiz
Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

Javier Callejas