Multi-family dwellings

Zac Andromède, Tolouse. France

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53 social dwellings on block 56

OAB - Office of Architecture in Barcelona, […Architectes], Peñín Arquitectes

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The volumetry and layout of the programme for this complex of residential buildings is a response to recognising the mixed nature of the sector of the Toulouse landscape, which elicits a work on a double scale, recognising both its urban development and the presence of a great natural landscape.

The plot is situated in the northern end of the ZAC Andromède, next to Toulouse airport and fronting on its west side the “Cours Barricou”, the natural axis of the ZAC. To the east, rue Vignemale builds the transition with the urban scale of the Beauzelle nucleus, delimiting a resulting elongated plot. Developing four six-storey units fronting the Cours Barricou favours east-west transversality while establishing a subdivision of the centre of the block into four sub-complexes in response to the distant view offered by the extension of the “cours”.
The general development tends towards optimising the sunlight orientation and the distances between the volumes. The different volumetries, given their independence and interior layout, thus provide the best possible quality for the ensemble of homes, most of them facing south/ southwest and enjoying good views: towers with terraced homes and intermediate bars in townhouses and duplex flats. The unbuilt spaces participate in this simplicity, structuring themselves into small plazas and gardens that have direct access from the street and are connected by a longitudinal pedestrian axis.
The modulation of the floors and façades allows for a rational construction that also responds to the different scales. The structural framework and metalwork employed responds to a distant view, while the rest of the façade, featuring a simple continuous cladding, builds a neutral and discreet background.
The restraint in the formal intentions reappears in the declared determination to work on compactness in order to prevent as much loss of energy as possible. The terraced homes generally feature a double orientation to ensure natural ventilation and a maximum of sunlight. A set of intermediate spaces such as loggias, terraces, lattices and gardens complete the filter devices.
The ensemble of these devices ensures a passive environmental approach completed with active energy management systems and the principle of recovering rainwater for the general irrigation of the plot thanks to the vegetationcovered roofs.

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Localización Location: ZAC Andromède, Tolouse. France. Arquitectos Architects: OAB - Office of Architecture in Barcelona, […architectes], Peñín Architectes. Coordinación obra Works coordination: […architectes]. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: SCBA. Ingeniería de estructuras Structural Engineering: JRI. Ingeniería de instalaciones Installations engineering: BG ingenieur conseils. Oficina de Control TIC ICT Control Office: Véritas. Paisajismo Landscaping: Pôles. Promotor Developer: Patrimoine S.A. Languedocienne. Promotor urbanización Urbanization developer: Oppidea. Superficie construida Built area: 10.151m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: febrero 2016 (50% del total de la operación). Fotografía Photography: Joan Guillamat.
OAB. Office of Architecture in Barcelona

Peñín Architectes

Joan Guillamat Castells