Multi-family dwellings

Calpe, Alicante. Spain

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Tower block of 95 apartments and outdoor spaces

J. Ignacio Fuster | vam10 arquitectura y paisaje

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The prismatic breakup of this apartment tower block situated in Calpe gives it elegance, presence and functionality in an interesting exercise of volumetric articulation.
The project takes the shape of a tower made up of five prisms that unfold from east to west in which the vertical component is the dominant one, proposing a volumetry that seeks to be clean, direct, linked to its status as a tower, with a clear systematisation of façades that emphasise its verticality. The rest of the built bodies are associated with the formal and material logic of the main building in such a way that a single system encompasses the entire programme contained in the residential complex. A concrete slab thus covers the annexes to the ground-floor dwelling, the transformer volume and the basement access ramp as well as the roof of the actual parking places. It achieves all this by folding, twisting and changing levels to define a shape that embraces the open spaces: landscaped zone, children’s play area, swimming pools and sports courts.
The building is constituted as a uniform solid up to floor 16, with just one floor layout of five flats per storey. From this level upwards, the prisms gradually lose height to configure the desired volumetric composition, adapting to the maximum permissible buildability. There is a single access and a compact exterior double staircase filtered by microperforated sheet metal, allowing for a dense nucleus and a profitable economy of means, designed according to criteria of maximum optimisation, accessibility and removal of architectural barriers.
The structure not only organises, defines and holds up the building; it also displays its constructional and formal essence, defined by retaining walls and concrete slabs that express a complete formal and structural consistency. The materials, essentially concrete, glass and metal, establish a simple and honest dialogue with the structure.
Exposed concrete is used to define the structure and the geometry; dark translucent glass in the banisters to enhance the shadow thrown by the large terraces; plus micro-perforated sheet metal to filter the view of the service elements (stairs and installations).
The small apartments meet a simple typology that makes the most of the space and reduces circulation elements. There are basically two types of dwellings, all of them with large, highly private covered terraces with sufficient surface space for summer activities and to bring the indoor part of the home to the exterior.

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Localización Location: Calpe, Alicante. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: J. Ignacio Fuster | vam10 arquitectura y paisaje. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Enrique Llinares. Colaboradores Collaborators: Miguel del Rey, Alfonso Baños, Jaime Selles. Estructuras Structures: David Gallardo. Gestión integral proyecto Integral project management: Bertolin-Ática. Promotor Developer: Altamira Real Estate, S.A. Constructora General Contractor: Grupo Bertolin. Superficie construida Built area: 14.405,73m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2016. Fotografía Photography: David Zarzoso.
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Carpintería de aluminio, vidrio y cerrajería: Construcciones metálicas Barceló
J. Ignacio Fuster

vam10 arquitectura y paisaje

David Zarzoso