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MP House

Josep Camps, Olga Felip | Arquitecturia

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An intelligent way of alternating between the different material qualities of aluminium and wood is present in the design of this isolated dwelling in Girona, allowing an alternation between the exterior and interior spaces in a context where the environment takes centre stage.

The Silver House is located in a residential neighbourhood of single-family dwellings. The house stands on the upper part of the plot, with the main garden facing south and separate from the edge of the plot, providing a strong link between the house and the surrounding landscape.
The staircase plays a leading role in arranging the programme of the dwelling, dividing it clearly into two sides beginning at the entrance. On the ground floor it separates the lounge area from the kitchen and dining room, while on the first floor it divides the master bedroom and the children’s bedrooms. On the ground floor the northern patio and the southern porch are the intermediate elements between the outdoor environment and the daily life of the home. On the first floor, two patios and staircases provide ventilation and lighting.
The aluminium of the façade is cold, bright and vibrant. From a distance the house seems silent, but when approached the slats permit a view of the interior and give the bedrooms adjustable levels of privacy and sunlight. Inside, the spaces covered with wood provide warmth and comfort. Occasionally the wood of the patios and porches emerges and appears on the façade, in contrast with the aluminium. In Silver House, wood and aluminium are combined with precision.
The project employs construction solutions that reduce energy requirements. This includes passive systems, active solutions and energy management, with the objective of reducing energy demand in winter and summer.
Xeric plants, low-maintenance lighting, reuse of water for irrigation, solar panels, an automatic heating system, efficient appliances and the use of natural cellulose insulation: all solutions that facilitate proper energy control in the dwelling and complement passive systems such as north-facing patios, crossed ventilation, porches and proper orientation.

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Localización Location: Girona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Josep Camps, Olga Felip | Arquitecturia. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Josep Planas. Instalaciones Facilities: Quims Dos S.C. Superficie construida Built area: 247,15m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Pedro Pegenaute.
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Carpintería y mobiliario: Decorfusta Banyoles
Josep Camps Povill
Olga Felip Ordis
ArquitecturiaCamps Felip
Pedro Pegenaute