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Matosinhos. Portugal

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Architecture House in the Real Vinícola

Guilherme Machado Vaz, arquitecto

FAD Awards finalist 2018  Architecture
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The Jury’s appraisal:The old Royal Winery building is a landmark of the urban landscape of Matosinhos. Its late 19th century design is returned to the city thanks to this project by Guilherme Machado Vaz. With a full restoration and sporadic contemporary interventions, the project brings various eras together to create a unitary whole.

Through a study conducted on the historical context of the industrial buildings of the Royal Winery of Matosinhos, built between the years 1897 and 1901, the new project is underpinned by the ruins located in the premises and has the goal of refurbishing them.

The main purpose of this project was to re-establish a balance of forces between nature and the human spirit, a balance that required a joint negotiation: on one hand, with nature, which in an endless struggle claims a space that was once its own; and on the other, with the human spirit that manifested itself a hundred years ago and built this space.

An example of this dialogue are the trees conserved inside one of the buildings, which are still standing thanks to the creation of external courtyards. The building was occupied anew, but the right acquired by nature during the years in which this place was abandoned was respected.

There was an alteration in the programme functions, which involved the emergence of new spaces and infrastructures. The concrete stairwells installed on the outside of the building were unavoidable for reasons of fire safety. It was chosen not to place them in the interior owing to the negative impact they would have on the steel structure of a slab that expresses its full beauty in the almost infinite repetition of the structural module created by the pillars and girders.

It was necessary to open up windows in this building’s façade and, since we were bringing a new element into the project, we decided to assume the contemporary nature of the intervention instead of disguising it, designing the window as a frame leaning against the wall, in opposition to the rest of existing windows.

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Localización Location: Matosinhos. Portugal. Autor Author: Guilherme Machado Vaz, arquitecto. Estructuras Structures: GEG. Ingeniería instalaciones hidráulicas Hydraulic installations engineering: GEG. Ingeniería instalaciones eléctricas Electrical Installations engineering: GPIC, JVE. Ingeniería instalaciones mecánicas Mechanical Installations engineering: GEG, JVE. Seguridad e incendios Safety and fire: GPIC, JVE. Colaboradores Collaborators: Guilherme Vaz. Promotor Developer: Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos. Constructora General Contractor: QT Civil. Superficie construida Built area: 4.700m². Ejecución Completion: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Luís Ferreira Alves.
Guilherme Machado Vaz
4150-630 Porto, Portugal
Luis Seixas Ferreira Alves
Porto, Portugal