Lugo. Spain

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Building for the new Norvento headquarters

Francisco Mangado

FAD Awards finalist 2018  Architecture
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The Jury’s appraisal:The project is proposed as a structure of volumes that are integrated into nature and display the various spaces comprising the programme, which is resolved in a simple manner. It is a landscape project that seeks a relationship with the nearby forest and arranges itself as a transitional element between industrial and natural spaces. The interior boasts diaphanous spaces that acknowledge volumetric shapes and use light as a key element. The project has been recognised for its adopted construction solutions, based on criteria of adaptation to the surroundings and optimisation of energy resources generated by the building itself, using no sophisticated materials or complex architectures.

The building for the Norvento research centre is located on the boundary between an industrial estate and an adjacent forest, next to the city of Lugo. The project adopts a shape that allows it to be open and in continuity with the forest, making the most of the values it can bring to the architecture, and closes it off towards the uninteresting surroundings of the adjacent industrial estate. The problem thus becomes an opportunity for providing a clear scheme featuring the sought-for architectural, typological and spatial values.

A certain “domesticity” was aimed for in the workspace, where privacy and encounters can be enabled. A place that is not defined and delimited but somehow reinvents itself every day through interaction with the users. Organising the floor plan into bodies that extend and integrate into the park also makes it possible to structure each department in a differentiated and autonomous manner, enabling the enlargement of the programmes in the future.

Choosing a pitched roof section, quite commonplace and with an evident “domestic” character, transfers the established goals to the built reality. The built “hut” is useful in that it adapts very well to the programme’s different requirements. Its height differs depending on need, generating the varied, visually rich longitudinal profile of the complex, which recalls the very essence of Galician topography, with rain and forest always present.

The interior seeks a balance between simplicity and surprise. In turn, the way the floor plan of the bodies has been organised generates rich interior geometries, especially at the meeting points, geometries that undoubtedly qualify the spaces. Light is important: glass partitions are always installed to bring light into the building, or roof lights that perform the same function.

There are many arguments that confirm this building’s commitment to the environment, especially if we take into account that Norvento’s key activities are based on research in this field. Logic and simplicity as principles are undoubtedly basic. In its material aspects, the use of eucalyptus wood on all façades is of the utmost importance. This wood, so common in Galicia but vilified and regularly used for making paper paste, was used after having drawn up a specific “product specification document” on how to apply it in the construction. This meant not only developing its magnificent technical possibilities; it has also opened up the likelihood of future exploitation of the vast forest wealth of eucalyptus in Galicia.

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Localización Location: Lugo. Spain. Autor Author: Francisco Mangado, arquitecto. Gestión del proyecto Project manager: Francisco Mangado. Arquitecto técnico Quantity surveyor: Ramón Fernández. Colaboradores Collaborators: Sergio Helguera, Jose M. Gastaldo, Luis Alves, Eduardo Ruiz, Angel Martinez y Paula Juango, arquitectos. Ingeniería de estructuras Structural engineering: IDI Ingenieros. Ingeniería de eficiencia energética Energy-efficiency engineering: Norvento Enerxia S.L. Concepto de energía Energy concept: Norvento Enerxia S.L. Consultoría en iluminación Lighting consultant: Norvento Enerxia S.L. Implementación del proyecto de eficiencia energética Implementing energy efficiency project: Norvento Enerxia S.L. Ingeniero jefe de proyecto Project manager engineer: Norvento Enerxia S.L. Asesoramiento BREEAM Counselling BREEAM: Exeleria. Certificado BREEAM BREEAM Certification: Clasificación Excepcional. Asesoramiento de fachada de madera Counselling on wooden façade: GAIN CIS-Madera. Centro de Innovación y Servicios Tecnológicos de Madera de Galicia. Cliente Client: Norvento Enerxia S.L. Constructora General Contractor: Constructora San José S.A. Superficie construida Built area: 4.020m². Concurso Competition: 2011. Redacción proyecto Project Draft: 2012-2013. Ejecución Completion: agosto 2014 – abril 2017. Superficie construida Built area: 4.020m². Fotografía Photography: Juan Rodríguez.
Francisco Mangado

Juan Rodríguez
A Coruña