St. Margalida, Mallorca. Spain.

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Can Picafort. Interior reform of a building for accommodating tourist apartments

TEd’A arquitectes | Irene Pérez Piferrer, Jaume Mayol Amengual

FAD Awards finalist 2018  Interior Design
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The Jury’s appraisal: The refurbishment of Can Picafort stands out for its skilful and sensitive use of materials, stretching the possibilities of ceramic to the limit through various construction languages. The result is a domestic space that is warm and human, perfectly imperfect. It elevates artisanal construction to a poetic dimension.

La intervention consists of the interior reform of an existing construction to transform it into small tourist apartments.

The construction stands on a site facing the sea and comprises two bodies: a ground-floor plus one upper storey looking out towards the sea, accompanied by a ground-floor porch; and another ground-floor plus two upper storeys giving onto the back street. The different bodies form a staggered construction descending to the sea.

In its initial state, both the accesses and stairs and the layout were a chaotic jumble.

The project’s entire effort centred on opening up the space longitudinally so as to visually link up the sea and the back street. The strategy consisted of arranging and condensing all the services against the party walls. Stairs, wardrobes, kitchens and bathrooms are aligned and accumulated against the party walls. The service elements thus appear as thick party walls.

The materials used in this build tend towards the imperfection of handmade things (or should we have said perfection?). Clay, which owing to its very composition, ends up showing slight changes in tone and small irregularities that succeed in defining a more human space. And the build-up of small pieces laid one by one achieves the sought-for imperfection.

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Localización Location: St. Margalida, Mallorca. Spain. Autor Author: TEd’A arquitectes |.Irene Pérez Piferrer, Jaume Mayol Amengual. Aparejador Quantity surveyor: Guillem Mas, Bernat Parera. Colaboradores Collaborators: Toni Ramis, Tomeu Mateu, Guillem Mas, Bernat Parera, Tòfol Amengual. Ingeniería Enginnering: SIE enginyers. Promotor Developer: Es Roure Sec. Constructora General Contractor: Joan Sastre Cerdà. Superficie construida Built area: 398,50m². Ejecución Completion: 2015-2017. Fotografía Photography: Luís Díaz Díaz.
Suppliers list
Cerámica decorativa pintada a mano: Teulera Can Benito www.canbenito.com comercial@canbenito.com

Herreria: Ferrería Rafel Miralles ferreria@rafelmiralles.com Tel. 625432558
TEd'A arquitectes

Jaume Mayol

Irene Pérez

Luís Díaz Diaz