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Donostia-San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, Spain

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Loreak Flagship Store

Pensando en blanco | Aurora Polo Santamaria, diseñadora de interiores

FAD Awards finalist 2018  Interior Design
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The Jury’s appraisal:The proposal consists of a highly appealing visual game that reinforces the brand’s commercial image. It combines colour, geometric elements and clothing as though it were an art installation, creating three-dimensional scenes that, like in Lissitzky paintings, boast great expressiveness and plasticity. The result is an abstract set upon which the items of clothing are placed, thus capturing visitors’ interest.

The Loreak Mendianor brand —now Loreak— is opening two new stores in Donosti, one for women and another one for men.

This conversion of the company revolves around implementing a new brand image, corporate image and spaces with a new interior design. The integral image direction was entrusted to Pensando en Blanco. The establishments are presented with a dynamic air and rely on surprise, a factor that plays an especially prominent role.

The women’s store is a space covering 230 square metres, consisting of two floors. There is a predominance of vertical lines, where perimeter lighting defines a volume of white walls coated in a singular texture.

The furniture is made from fine materials such as stone, wood and ceramic and follows a line of simple structures. As pieces, however, they appear as a powerful force in the space while generating new routes and arrangements for the garment collections. The space thus becomes dynamic and therefore in constant movement.

Different zones stand out in the store: on one hand, the store window, which is presented as a clear space, with a wall almost 8 metres long featuring 8 modules at the bottom, arranged differently every time the window is changed, completely modifying the space. On the other, the open skylight in the back part of this floor brings daylight into the store and creates a distinguished zone operating as an antechamber to the fitting rooms.

In addition, there is a zone delimited with blue glass 1.80m high on the ground floor, which gives rise to a special treatment for the collections. The play of blue transparencies provides freshness and plasticity which, combined with the different heights, enhance the stands in the back part of this space.

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Localización Location: Donostia-San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, Spain. Diseño y Dirección de obra Design and site management: Pensando en blanco | Aurora Polo Santamaría, diseñadora de interiores. Dirección de arte Art direction: Pensando en blanco | Borja Garmendia. Colaboradora en diseño Collaborator in design: Maite Basterra. Diseño de iluminación Lighting design: Islada lighting. Window display Window display: Jon Ander Beloki. Arquitecto técnico Quantity surveyor: José María Lluch, Sara Martínez de Arbulo. Promotor Developer: Loreak. Superficie Area: 270m², tienda chicas, 160m² tienda chicos. Fotografía interiorismo Interior design photography: Iker Basterretxea. Fotografía escaparates Store window photography: Pablo Axpe.
Aurora Polo Santamaria

Pensando en Blanco

Pablo Axpe