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Lyon. France

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Headquarters of the Bar Association, School of Lawyers and offices in Lyon

Carlos Ferrater, Alberto Peñín, Bruno Dumeter

FAD Awards finalist 2018  International
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The Jury’s appraisal:This
project is impressive at first glance thanks to its urban demeanour: the three-dimensional articulation of the building provides a certain degree of movement
that is not only appropriate for this location in particular but also adapted to the dignity of the profession carried out by the majority of its occupants. The legibility of its tripartite programme – from the headquarters of the Bar Association to the law school and independent offices – enriches the public sphere and thus contributes to the city’s public life. The intelligence of the ensemble remains present in the tectonic and material expression of the building: the façade’s design is related to the rhythm and clarity of repetition, while it also interacts with flatness and subtle changes of depth. Furthermore, the qualities of the matt and reflective surfaces interact with one another in a subtle manner. The sophistication of the ensemble is reinforced by the use of a beautiful greenish natural stone.

In the city of Lyon, rue Servient contains an urban potential that makes the plot formerly occupied by the old departmental archives particularly interesting. It is located in the city centre, next to the Palais de Justice and La Part-Dieu station.
The project’s first decision was to bring to light the urban multiplicity enhanced by a hybrid programme with three functions: lawyer’s school, bar association and offices.
The project avoids the opacity of some official headquarters and commits to transparency in its activities. A private yet public and institutional building that reveals its circulations, the horizontal division of its programme and makes itself accessible and porous when entered from the public space.
The two halls situated on the angles, that of the school and of the bar association, are completed with the main hall of offices, situated on rue Servient itself. Access from the school is directly to the first floor, to a corridor in contact with the street, detached from it by a gap. The classrooms, for their part, give on to a quiet, north-facing internal courtyard.
On each floor, a series of clefts in the façade bring light into the communal circulations. One of them contributes to building an emerging volume that respects the seclusion of the attic and proposes an urban lighthouse and a double architectural staircase visible from the station avenue. Large panes of grey glass alternate their scale and position with pieces of silvery phyllite stone, allowing for the integration of the openings, with their variety of sizes and positions. A metalwork grid, which obeys the canonical model of 2.70 for offices, encompasses handrails and solar protections and allows certain façade elements to be affixed while giving materiality and a larger scale to the façade, which is almost always viewed from the side.
The architecture acquires a certain ambivalence: monumental or light, tectonic or disembodied, depending on the conditions of the light, and shows itself to be an effectiveinstrument in implementing the scale and programme ofthe intervention.

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Localización Location: Lyon. France. Autor Author: OAB Carlos Ferrater | Carlos Ferrater + Peñín Arquitectos | Alberto Peñín + Dumetier Design | Bruno Dumetier. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Flying Gestion. Colaboradores Collaborators: Marta Gómez, Annick Joubert, Jean Baptiste Pierru, arquitectos. Ingeniería Enginnering: DPI (estructuras) y GC2E (instalaciones). Promotor Developer: COGV. Constructora General Contractor: Varios. Superficie construida Built area: 7.000m2 sobre rasante. otografía Photography: Joan Guillamat.
Carlos Ferrater Lambarri
Alberto Peñín Llobet
Joan Guillamat Castells