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Orsonnens. Switzerland

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School in Orsonnens

TEd’A arquitectes | Irene Pérez Piferrer, Jaume Mayol Amengual

FAD Awards finalist 2018  International
Description Technical file

The Jury’s appraisal:A compact and neutral volume takes traditional Swiss construction as its model for casting a contemporary gaze upon the construction system that defines it. The use of the structure to organise the space of the programme as well as acting as a mere mechanical element, the transit areas and sunlight all give character to the volume’s interior. The construction pays heed to the characteristics of each of the materials employed without diminishing their independence, but adding value through coexistence: the past is reflected the stacked stereotomy of the stones and the lightness of the tectonic wood ensembles. The classrooms are organised in a centrifugal fashion around a central void that acts as the building’s agora, a void inhabited by a beautiful arboreal structure defined by a wooden pillar. This construction element is able to single-handedly explain all of the project’s architectural decisions and is an example of its coherence.
The proposal reads the surroundings and reinterprets them. The new school was based on the area’s traditional farming models. These farms are characterised by a clear structural order that takes centre stage indoors in an honest construction and a neutral volume.

The structure is the space: in these traditional models and in the new structure of Orsonnens school, the main character is the one that gives shape to the building’s interior. The clarity of the structural order helps us resolve the programme and characterise the interior.

Construction is form: the constructional honesty of traditional models is also present in the new school building. Each one of the construction elements is formally expressed independently from the rest.

The building is compacted in one part of the currently occupied parking area, respecting the line of trees inside the plot without invading the area that is still untamed nature beyond these trees.

Internal richness: in contrast to the neutral look of the volume’s exterior, the interior of the building is complex. The interior space is vertical and multiplies the visual relations. A central pillar rises sculpturally to the ceiling, where it perforates it to allow the light to shine through.

The school programme is organised around an empty space. The classrooms revolve around this central void, the meeting point for the students, a space filled with life, the linchpin of the movements of school activity.

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Localización Location: Orsonnens. Switzerland. Arquitectos de concurso, proyecto y dirección de obra Competition, project and works management architects: TEd’A arquitectes | Irene Pérez y Jaume Mayol. Equipo local. Arquitectos de gestión, planificación y dirección de obra Local team. Management, planning and works management architects: Rapin Saiz architectes | Vincent Rapin y María Saiz. Colaboradores Collaborators: Toni Ramis, Tomeu Mateu, Margherita Lurani, Teresa Piferrer (TEd’A arquitectes), Mona Dorion, Valentin Rey, Camille Trechot, Nicolas Olivier (Rapin Saiz architectes). Ingeniería Civil Madera Civil engineering in wood: Ratio Bois Sàrl. Ingeniería Civil Hormigón Civil engineering for concrete: 2M Ingénierie Civile SA. Ingeniería Electricidad Electricity engineering: Bureau d'études en électricité Bernard Bersier. Ingeniería Calefacción, Ventilación y Fontanería Heating, ventilation and plumbing engineering: Sacao SA. Geómetra Surveyor: GéoSud SA Glâne. Ingeniería Acústica Acoustic engineering: Ecoacoustique. Especialista en envolvente Envelope specialist: X-Made. Material and envelope design. Promotor Developer: Commune de Villorsonnens. Superficie construida Built area: 2.328m². Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: Noviembre 2017. Fotografía Photography: Luís Díaz Díaz.
TEd'A arquitectes

Jaume Mayol

Irene Pérez

Luís Díaz Diaz