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Pavilion at the Brugge Triennale 2018


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This startling object, formalised through new-generation construction elements, gives rise to a powerful attraction at this event. The city’s visitors and locals have the possibility of using it for leisure activities.

The pavilion consists of a swimming installation for use during the Bruges Triennial. Commissioned by the city of Bruges and floating on the canal called Coupure, it is essentially a platform for bathing and swimming, creating a new access to the canal waters. It is also a place for activities and get-togethers for all the neighbours.
The installation consists of a structure made up of steel bars covered in fluorescent pink-orange vinyl, a material never before used in a built space. The steel structure and plastic skin become indivisible one from the other.
The space was created in situ, in a completely handcrafted process, applying welding and stretching the materials as necessary to obtain the desired final form.
This structure is complemented with a floating platform made from yellow wood from which to jump into the canal waters.
The light pierces the skin, creating an unstable atmosphere that changes the usual light-filled perception of the setting in this ancient city.

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Localización Location: Brujas. Belgium. Arquitectos Architects: selgascano | Lucía Cano, José Selgas. Arquitecto colaborador Collaborating architect: Sara Ouass. Constructora General Contractor: Lastra & Zorrilla. Fecha de la obra Date of the works: 2018. Fotografía Photography: Iwan Baan / Imágenes cedidas por la Trienal de Brujas 2018.
José Selgas

Lucía Cano

Iwan Baan