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Raindrop concert


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Sensitivity and visual control take centre stage in this ephemeral construction in which emotion and aesthetic pleasure overpower the visitor.

This multidisciplinary installation took place in the Carbonera and Cisterna halls of the Girona History Museum as part of the Inund’art Festival, giving water and light a leading role.
Drops fall to the ground and are collected by containers that await below. These sonorous and steady droplets create a rhythmic music accompanied by lights: a raindrop concert. The old cistern hosts a concert of drops of light, an audiovisual installation, a visual and auditory trick in which the sounds of the falling drops illuminate the containers in time with the music. An atmosphere of light, water and sound.

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Localización Location: Olot, Girona. Spain. Idea original Original idea: Xevi Bayona, arquitecto. Proyecciones y audiovisual Screenings and audiovisual: Nor-b Música | Santi Cholbi, Emi Mar- tínez i Maertz. Producción Production: Adrià Villarejo, Mart Rotllan, Albert Masmitjà. Fotografía Photography: Xevi Bayona.
Xevi Bayona
Olot, Girona
Xevi Bayona