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Inhabited ceramic. Levantina Stand in Cersaie 2017


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The perforation of concentric circles in different diameters creates an appealing space in which the commercial system’s particular functions are carried out within a pleasant atmosphere.

The premise was to construct a relationship space between visitors and Levantina, a permeable space as an extension of the transit routes to dilute the boundaries between the public and the private. It is a completely open space where the Techlam ceramic material, with its large format and thinness, allow for the creation of a habitable, voluminous and sensual architecture that is pierced in order to host and celebrate human and professional relationships within its interior, by way of a 21st-century technological material.
In this architecture, the ceramic material defines and constructs the entire habitable volume of the stand, distancing itself from the stereotype of ceramic as a cladding. Here the entire architectural space is fully defined by the successive suspended layers of the sponged material that are perforated in order to define interaction spaces or open areas and en- able crossed views.
This easily defines an open and permeable plaza that encourages interaction between visitors and stand em- ployees. The ceramic material is made up of 6mm-thick Techlam slabs measuring 3x1 metres, suspended from a primary structure and each gravitating around two sus- pension points.

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Localización Location: Bologna. Italy. Arquitecto Architect: Rocamora Diseño & Arquitectura. Cliente Client: Levantina. Constructora General Contractor: ANTRA - Gestión Integral de Con- strucción. Año Year: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Cabrera.Photo.