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Roca Shanghai Gallery


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Francesc Rifé succeeds once more in inserting high levels of intelligence, restraint and elegance into his work, as well as a clear effort to maximise the commercial and professional potential of his clients.

The six jewels of the company (the Roca Galleries), conceived as platforms for debating sustainability and innovation, have managed to become true cultural benchmarks in their host cities. Based on their prestige, Francesc Rifé has created a design concept for the new Roca Shanghai Gallery that aims to highlight the brand’s brilliance through the unique properties of brass.
A spatial narrative as poetic as it is practical, combining sophistication with the most natural part of life: the primary spaces of a home are represented throughout the interior with interactive installations on life experiences (Rituals) and various audiovisual screens displaying water flow and movement (Fluxus) that allow the brand and materiality to be experienced in a different way. The main objective is to reinforce the link between visitors and the space. Designed to host events, exhibitions and conferences, different spaces are laid out throughout the interior with the goal of presenting the brand’s collections and accessories. In the central unit, water is transformed into a solid element and several displays designed with backlit optical glass evoke the beauty of ice, while its degraded white hue creates a magical effect when displaying the product.
The right side of the space is dedicated to presenting the technical aspects of the Roca products and its ceramic collections. The left side contains offices and a conference room, designed with walnut throughout.
In a dialogue with the interior, the display windows maintain the language of the rest of the intervention: projected outward from within, and integrated into the brass structure itself. The result is an open and polyvalent space, designed to enhance its functionality and versatility as much as possible.

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Localización Location: Shanghai. China. Diseño Design: Francesc Rifé Studio. Autor Author: Francesc Rifé. Equipo de diseño Design Team: Pellicer, Sergio Alfonso, Bruno Benedito, Carlos Fernández Saracibar, Patricia Guridi, Alberto Olmos, Carlos Olmos, Paola Noguera, Jessica Machulaca. Colaboradores Collaborators: DESFA Group. Constructora General Contractor: DESFA Group. Superficie de actuación Intervention area: 740m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: Junio 2018. Fotografía Photography: David Zarzoso.
Francesc Rifé Studio

David Zarzoso