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The shop itinerary, as well as its use of light and colour, allow visitors to enjoy a new and different perception of the whole space at every point.

The shop, an old mechanics workshop divided into two floors, preserved a distinct industrial character that A.P.O (Antoni Pallejà Office) wanted to preserve and enhance. The shop revolves around a large slope, and as well as connecting the two floors it also acts as a product display, turning it into an open and accessible space that facilitates movement. Conceptually the work has been carried out with its analogous products in mind: the world of trainers, in constant evolution and innovation in terms of technology and materials in order to create more specialised and comfortable trainers without forgetting that they are fashion items.
The result is a shop with a sophisticated and futuristic appearance where cold and rough materials are used ingeniously and transformed into elements with delicate finishes.
The combination of materials (anodised aluminium in various colours alongside velvet curtains) gives the space the perfect balance between elegant and industrial. The normalised alu- minium profile system employed allows different accessories and mechanical add-ons to be attached, adapted for displaying the products.
The glass with a dichroic effect used to define the upper area boasts a different colouring when viewed from different points within the shop, and dynamically shifts while walking around the spaces.

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Localización Location: Madrid. Spain. Proyecto Project: Antoni Pallejà Office. Cliente Client: Sivasdescalzo. Constructora General Contractor: Komodelar. Ejecución Completion: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Luís M. Ambrós.
A.P.O. (Antoni Pallejà Office)

Luis Maria Ambrós
San Sebastián