Palma, Mallorca. Spain

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Hotel and Congress Hall in Palma de Mallorca

Francisco Mangado

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Architecture and reflection in terms of urban fit brilliantly interact here with the aim of addressing the presence of a new urban outline on the maritime façade of the city of de Palma de Mallorca.

The project understands that working on a rich and suggestive plot given its difficulties of geometry and dimension, as is the case here, is to draw up a new urban “outline” for the city. The irregular geometry of the plot, which is narrow and extremely elongated and forms a maritime front of almost 350 metres, takes us more to an idea of an urban limit of large dimensions that will house a significant project with a complex and diverse programme.

The proposal looks to the sea, and this outlook is summed up in a substantial façade five metres wide, built using naval engineering techniques that, as well as keeping out direct sunlight from the south, contains the stairs and communications that link the different spaces and programmes together. When someone climbs these stairs they see the sea through huge glass panes. This façade is like a city wall with a dense yet also open route that, in its thickness, through ambiguous spaces that are not quite interior nor exterior, blends into the promenade itself.

The “alter ego” is constituted by the north façade, whose thickness is shaped by the more “server” contents. This generates a comb-shaped double arrangement, public to the south, private to the north, efficient in functional terms. In the interior, the different rooms for congresses and exhibitions succeed each other. Large, volumetrically expressive pieces with voids around them, above which platforms and access walkways are suspended for gazing outwards. On the raised storey, linked to the hotel via a footbridge that unifies the complex, are the more everyday uses such as smaller convention rooms and restaurants, next to a large terrace that, viewed in perspective, can be taken to be a prolongation of the sea.

In regard to the hotel programme, in direct connection with the congress area, the intermediate floor that establishes the connection with the Congress Hall holds the public uses, thus establishing a functional coherence with what is a physical reality. On this floor are uses such as dining rooms and lounges which can be understood as an extension of the congress hall itself, dining rooms covering a total of 595m2 and 150m2 of lounges; all of this complemented by a bar-lobby on the access floor encompassing 415m2.

The hotel’s basement floor has been used for locating the 715-m2 spa, giving it a public dimension and treatment. On the roof of the hotel complex, the seventh floor, are the solarium facilities and outdoor swimming pools with views of the sea.

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Localización Location: Palma, Mallorca. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Francisco Mangado. Project manager Project manager: Francisco Mangado. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Pedro Legarreta. Arquitectos colaboradores Collaborating architects: Idoia Alonso Barberena, Antonio Aller, Maria João Costa, Almudena Fiestas, Ana Muñiz. João Gois, Sergio Río Tinto, Edurne Pradera, Isabel Oyaga, Sofia Cacchione, Itziar Etayo, Aintzane Gazteiu-Iturri, Andreas Bovin, Richard Královic, María Manero, Wojciech Sumlet, César Martín. Estructuras Structures: NB 35 S.L. Instalaciones Facilities: Francisco Mangado. Acústica Acoustic: Higini Arau. Promotor Developer: Palau de Congressos de Palma de Mallorca. Constructora General Contractor: Acciona Construcción S.A. Superficie construida Built area: 17.700m2 (Hotel), 37.700 m2 (Palacio congresos y aparcamiento). Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Juan Rodríguez.
Suppliers list
Ascensores y escaleras: Zardoya Otis

Estructura de hormigón: Siurell Obra Civil

Revestimiento cerámico: Grupo Fajovi

Suministro de sanitarios: Duran
Francisco Mangado

Juan Rodríguez
A Coruña