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Sir Hotel Ibiza

Ribas&Ribas Arquitectos Asociados

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This refurbishment of an old building in the city of Ibiza is interesting in architectural terms as well as in the way it approaches the permitted extension of the constructed surface.
The objective of the project has been to refurbish the old El Divino apartments in Ibiza, with improvements to the interior while maintaining its structure and a new exterior image for the future 5-star hotel.
The plot of the refurbished building is located at the intersection of Avenida 8 de Agosto and Paseo Juan Carlos I, a privileged location due to its high foot traffic and significant visibility.
The El Divino apartments were built in 1981 with a plot floor area of 1,425m2. The building was partially demolished, specifically the areas adjacent to the vertical connection hubs and the façades, in order to erect the new building and adapt it to its new usage.
In accordance with the Legislation directives and complying with its programme, the ground floor of the detached building contains the hotel services, the first, second and third floors have 12 bedrooms per floor and the top floor contains 2 suites with magnificent views of the Ibiza port.
The shape of the building is determined by the existing construction as well as the opportunity to expand its developed surface and capacity by 20% through the modernisation and improvement of its facilities. This extension has been carried out on the northern area of the building in order to better distribute the hotel bedrooms and the general programme.
The volume in question has an uneven asymmetrical shape that opens towards the south in a V-shape. The project has preserved the existing shape of the south, east and west façades while modifying the northern section to accommodate the aforementioned extension.
The project’s intervention has not only focused on the building’s interior but also on the creation of a new image for the ensemble, giving it a minimalist white glass façade. A plant wall has been created at the western connection hub using an x-tend mesh that connects to the roof, concealing the edge of the installations and thus creating an impressive green volume. For sustainability reasons, the façade openings have been designed to provide ventilation and illumination in line with those of the appropriate building category. Likewise, the building’s exterior spaces have been improved with abundant vegetation, with the aim of enhancing its exterior appearance and providing better soundproofing within the hotel.

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Localización Location: Ibiza. Spain. Estudio Study: Ribas&Ribas Arquitectos Asociados | José Ribas Folguera, Adriana Ribas. Arquitectos Architects: José Ribas Folguera, Adriana Ribas, Arturo Mongrell, Cristina Oliver, Carla Martínez. Arquitectura técnica y dirección de ejecución Quantity Surveyor and Execution Management: Ribas&Ribas Arquitectos Asociados | Inmaculada Ribas. Project manager Project manager: Layetana Inmobiliaria. Estructuras Structures: Arguijo Asociados | Manuel Arguijo. Instalaciones Facilities: 2PiR | Carme Iturbide. Interiorismo Interior design: Baranowitz Kronenberg. Constructora General Contractor: Sangüesa construcciones | Manuel Mesa. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Lluís Casals.
Lluis Casals