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Cocina Hermanos Torres Restaurant


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Cocina Hermanos Torres is a project that emerged from a desire to generate a new typology related to the cuisine and restaurant trade. A new space providing gastronomic experiences in which the building and contents come together in a skilful interior design project.

From the very beginning Sergio and Javier Torres defined what they were looking for in few words: “instead of a restaurant with a kitchen, we wanted to create a kitchen with a restaurant.” With this clear and ambitious premise, and with the adaptation of an industrial warehouse with an area of almost 800m2 requiring full refurbishment, the project began. At a spatial level the project seeks to erase or dissolve some of the dividing lines between the various areas of a traditional restaurant.
The flooring is ceramic, thanks to a collaboration with Roca. It is comprised of a special-format element designed specifically for the restaurant. A continuous floor used for the staff and customer areas alike, emphasising the intervention’s unitary nature.
For the lighting ambiance of the dining area the creators collaborated with designer Pete Sans to create what they call ‘the clouds’, a set of luminaires that aim to fulfil several objectives. The luminaires evoke a starry sky with their hundreds or thousands of tiny lights, and the effect is multiplied through the reflections in the room’s glass panes. They are strategically placed at a constant height of 2.55m, allowing an imaginary or virtual ceiling to be created that makes everything above it appear to vanish – the warehouse ceiling reaches 7.5m at its highest and is painted black. Thus the ceiling is not clearly visible, and is sensed more than seen.
The project creators decided to respect the interior shape of the warehouse with its gable roof and thus recover the formal archetype of a house. The Torres brothers conveyed the importance of the four seasons and working with seasonal produce. Thus it was decided that the best way of representing the establishment would be through nature. Specifically, by way of a forest and how the seasons transform it. The creators’ interest in painter and muralist Regina Saura, some of whose recent exhibitions focused on depicting trees and forests, led them to request her participation in the project through the creation of a work of art on the façade exploring the idea of a forest. Regina’s façade manages to convey the message of seasonality through the different hues of the leaves (the colours of winter, summer, autumn and spring) while enabling a contrast with the reality of the urban context.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: OAB | Carlos y Borja Ferrater, arquitectos. Director del proyecto Project Director: OAB | Núria Ayala, arquitecta. Promotor Developer: Hermanos Torres. Constructora General Contractor: Pujalte & Navarro. Superficie construida Built area: 800m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2018. Fotografía Photography: Joan Guillamat.
Suppliers list
Pavimento: Roca

Sistema para cerramientos de aluminio: reynaers Aluminium
Carlos Ferrater Lambarri
Borja Ferrater Arquer
, Barcelona
OAB. Office of Architecture in Barcelona
Joan Guillamat Castells