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Inèdit Offices


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With the premise of making architecture that could establish a dialogue with a magnificent setting while facilitating the work ethos of a group of young entrepreneurs, this interesting enlargement project was completed for a suite of offices in Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

These were the first conclusions from the conversations with the owners to carry out an enlargement project for the Inèdit offices: “To feel at home, recover the outdoor spaces, the setting, the views… to obtain a maximum of useful surface space and favour individual-collective work so as to foster the exchange of experiences and ideas”.
The plot, which had already been built on, had little free space and a powerful rockery wall limiting and containing the soil of an adjacent site given the strong slope of the street. This conditioned the creation of a new volume with a square floor plan measuring 8x8 metres. On the outside the volume lies below the street and the neighbouring plot, generating a sunken patio surrounded by the rockery wall which disappears in the lateral façades, giving rise to the main access to the offices, which is located in the new volume.
The exterior space of the roof, which was previously residual, is transformed into a new useful space. A large mobile window disappears to allow a visual connection with the surroundings. This flexibility and polyvalence of use is the response to the initial conversations with the owners and provides more useful than built square metres.
The interior-exterior relationship is present in all the spaces of the enlargement. On the ground floor, a continuous window in the three façades allows daylight in, transforming the rockery wall into the boundary of the construction. On the upper floor is the connection with the roof space and a series of smaller windows that evenly illuminate the space while facilitating the control of light.
It was decided to employ a dry-mounted industrialised construction system, with wood as the main element, to reduce execution time on site and to raise the bar in terms of finishes and construction details. The works were executed in barely five months and allowed the existing offices to continue working. It was sought to use sustainable materials in both the structure and in the cladding finishes and fixed furniture, using linoleum and wood coated in water-based varnish in order to generate peaceful, comfortable and healthy offices.

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Localización Location: Sant Vicenç de Montalt, Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Mercè Zazurca i Codolà, César Sánchez Medrano, arquitectos +. Estudio de arquitectura e interiorismo | Teresa Simó Marfà, aparejadora, Maria Lluch Bosch, interiorismo, Teresa Farràs Agustí, arquitecta. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Santi Zazurca Ruiz-Cerdà. Estructura Structure: Miquel Àngel Sala Mateu | Masala Consultors. Ingeniería Enginnering: Joaquim Carbonell Dalmases | Quadrant Enginyeria d’instal·lacions i Tecnologies ambientals. Promotor Developer: Inèdit Software, S.L. Constructora General Contractor: Carlos Vázquez I ABHAUS vivenda eficiente. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2018. Fotografía Photography: Lluís Casals.
Mercè Zazurca
César Sánchez Medrano

Lluis Casals