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ARV Offices


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Anamorphism, insofar as it is a reversible deformation of an image produced through optical
procedures, is at the heart of the design of this int eresting workspace.

The project consists of materialising a suite of offices for attending to the public. They are located in city
centre premises, with a complex geometry full of twists and turns and structural element that interfere with the understanding of the space.
To arrange this interior and make it operate efficiently, the twists are regularised through linked-up orthogonal geometries. Each one of the regular spaces is made to coincide with a different part of the programme. Each regular room is defined and contrasted with the adjacent rooms through a different colour ranging from white to different shades of grey. The ceilings thus become a sort of signage defining the uses. The indirect lighting in the ceiling reinforces this idea and is based on long luminaires that illuminate all workstations. The activity is concentrated in the two first metres in height: the establishment is organised and disorganised through the daily work, while the ceiling always remains
in an orderly state.
In the access sequence, a set of units incorporate all the technology and inform the people in the waiting area. This furniture conceals inside it the structure of the existing building. The central staircase joins up the area for attending to the public and the offices on the upper floor, while the unitary design of the façade with horizontal aluminium elements helps in ventilating the facilities and in making the space
The establishment is thus transformed into a surprise filled with anamorphosis and optical effects that help us to understand how these offices functions.

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Localización Location: Valencia. Spain. Arquitectura Architecture: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Diseño interior Interior Design: Alfaro Hofmann. Equipo proyecto Project Team: Fran Silvestre, Fran Ayala, Vicente Picó. Colaboradores Collaborators: Maria Masià, Estefanía Soriano, Pablo Camarasa, Sandra Insa, Santiago Dueña, David Sastre, Ricardo Candela, Sevak Asatrián, Álvaro Olivares, Esther Sanchís, Eduardo Sancho, Rubén March, José Manuel Arnao, Gemma Aparici, Giuseppe Felici. Project manager Project manager: Carlos García, Ángel Fito. Ingeniería Enginnering: José Ramón Albuixech. Constructora General Contractor: Servicio 24, S.L. Superficie construida Built area: 625,86m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.
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Bastidores y pulsador sanitarios: Geberit

Mecanismos serie 990: Jung

Sillas, mesas, mamparas y bancada Abula: Dynamobel

Ventanas serie Uncity: Technal
Fran Silvestre Arquitectos