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Enlargement and refurbishment of Montbau Library


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This refurbishment provides the possibility of giving a third life to an architecture with modern roots that was already converted on another occasion, enhancing the value of its strengths through a functional reorganisation and a series of interior spaces generated by an existing structure with a clear and powerful geometry.

The Montbau - Albert Pérez Baró Library is situated in the Montbau housing estate at the foot of Collserola mountain. It was founded in the 1980s as a popular library by the district’s neighbours, occupying two of the three bays of an old school complex built in the late 1950s by the architects Giráldez, López Iñigo and Subías following the postulates of modern architecture. Over time, and as a
result of successive maintenance and enlargement actions, the building was in a state of considerable deterioration. The project is based on the need to enlarge and update the existing library, with two action hypotheses on the table: to demolish the existing construction and erect a new building according to the defined programme and the new needs; or refurbishing the existing library and enlarge it by adding a third bay to the existing ones, which had hitherto been used for other purposes, and building a new volume to achieve the desired surface space.
The project chose to refurbish the existing structure and recover the original physiognomy of the complex, liberating it from the additions that had built up over the years. By destructuring the interior space, a new reading of the original space was obtained, shown in an explicit way for the first time.
The existing concrete structure presented pathologies due to carbonation and corrosion, especially in the lower parts of the external pillar faces. They were cleaned up and repaired with special mortars, strengthening the reinforcement wherever it was necessary. The repairs sought to reproduce the wood texture of the original formwork. Indoors, given the insufficiency of coatings and section in certain points, the project chose to apply ceramic paint to ensure the required fire resistance with minimal coating thickness.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: OliverasBoixArquitectes | Núria Oliveras Boix, Jordi Oliveras Boix. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Carme Rosell Solsona Estructuras Structures: BAC Engineering. Ingeniería Enginnering: PGI Grup. Senyalética Signage Design: Cómo Design Studio. Promotor Developer: BIMSA. Constructora General Contractor: MJ Gruas. Superficie construida Built area: 840m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2015. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
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Mobiliario: Metalundia

Pavimento compacto pulido: Pavindus
Núria Oliveras Boix
Jordi Oliveras Boix

José Hevia