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Multipurpose building in Benferri


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The white architecture, characterised by a play of faceted volumes, configures the spaces of this multifunctional building where light and textures also play an important role.

The building’s geometry reflects its three main uses, shaping a large body attached to the existing party wall for use as an auditorium and other programmes associated with it, from which two annexes extend: one of them connected on the inside to the auditorium, intended for a social hall, and the library, leaving between them a space serving as an outdoor foyer leading into the building, from which the three main programmes can be accessed independently to allow them to be used on their own.
Given the flat topography of the plot, in order to provide direct access on a level path for both the users of the facility and for the loading and unloading trucks, it was decided to bury the auditorium floor with a gentle slope of 5.70% from the building’s vestibule to the stage at a level of -0.90 metres, providing better visibility inside the hall and avoiding lifts and service lifts given that this places both the access and the stage at street level.
The layout for the programmes on the ground floor is arranged in such a way that they operate autonomously from each other. The library is an open-plan space, open to the plaza and a courtyard, addressing ventilation issues and making the most of its south-west orientation. The other wing of the building, which faces south, contains the social hall and is connected to the auditorium, sharing the toilets with it so as to avoid duplicating programmes. The auditorium, accessed from the vestibule that reverts to the plaza, contains a hall seating 225 people and a stage with direct access from its left side giving on to calle Barrio Nuevo and on to a storeroom from its right side. The auditorium also has a translation and management room accessed from the building’s main vestibule.
The façades are closed to the streets, protecting the building from them and opening up completely to the space of the interior plaza and the planned interior courtyards. This creates blind, smooth walls that give shape to the façades with gently sloping planes, equally reflected on the building’s roofs to create the final volumes.

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Localización Location: Benferri, Alicante. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Rafael Landete Pascual, Emilio Cortés Saura. Colaboradores Collaborators: Aitor Guijarro Belda, Javier Ríos Alcantara. Dirección de ejecución Execution management: José Camarasa Matea. Pere Rifà. Ingeniero Engineer: Francisco José Ruiz Perea. Promotor Developer: Excma. Diputación de Alicante, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Benferri. Constructora General Contractor: Orthem S.A.U. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2018. Fotografía Photography: David Frutos.
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Equipamiento de butacas: Josper


David Frutos Ruiz
Torre Pacheco, Murcia