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Espai Natura


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The health and wellbeing of individuals and the environment are key factors in HAUS, a responsible and creative way of approaching architecture whose aim is to provide added value in standardised

Marcove, the construction project manager, and the architects Manuel Bailo and Rosa Rull combine their
experience and competence to create HAUS, an innovative proposal committed to applying healthy criteria to habitable spaces in order to improve the life of people and the environment. Espai Natura is a collective housing development comprising 16 continuous flats of approximately 140m2 each one, designed to improve the health of their users and their setting. Situated in Sant Cugat del Vallès, the building, which is open to the four winds, enjoys an exceptionally good location thanks to its proximity to Barcelona –only 20 kilometres away— and the natural wealth offered by the northern slope of the Parc de Collserola.
As for the architectural description of the new building, and consistent with the HAUS proposal, it is underpinned by essentially three principles. First, and in answer to a study that found that the serious crisis in the real estate market these past 7 years is caused by families no longer investing in a “bridging” flat, a space with a size and features below requirements. Espai Natura thus provides a spacious and flexible type of home. A place capable of adapting in its programme and uses to the functional needs that may arise at any given time for the people who inhabit it. Second, to improve the building’s energy performance and making the most of the block’s good orientation, a suite of galleries
was designed that, just as in those that characterise Barcelona’s Ensanche district, provide each home with a climate-controlled space for polyvalent use. Lastly, and to enable the project to be as environmentally friendly as possible, healthy materials were used and damaging processes were avoided. Only sustainable materials were used in its construction.
In terms of design, the Espai Natura building takes shape in a staggered, compact volume measuring 50m by 13.5m deep and a reinforced concrete structure that adapts to the topography of the public road. The flats, which have a master bedroom plus three doubles, three full bathrooms, entrance hall, open-plan living and dining room, kitchen and utility room, are organised into ample areas and transition spaces –balconies and galleries 1.8m wide— providing the users with intermediate spaces between interior and exterior.
These transition spaces operate as climate-controlling buffers. The west-facing façade features a gallery with lightweight enclosures made from chestnut wood and glass in three layers: transition façade, buffer space and enclosing façade made from prefab concrete pieces acting as a “brisesoleil”.
Its constructional section favours the production of heat in winter when keeping the buffer space closed, while protecting from the summer heat when the gallery space is kept open for ventilation.
The passive proposals in Espai Natura (layout, typology and gallery) allow for the building’s solar and thermal control; a solution, among many others, which makes it possible to dispense with the use of air conditioning. This means that the project is more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

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Localización Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Manuel Bailo, Rosa Rull | BAILORULL. Colaboradores Collaborators: Josep Puigdemont, director proyecto, Laura Gelman, Rafael Arbó, arquitectos. Arquitecto técnico Quantity surveyor: José Antonio Quesada. Ingeniero Engineer: Víctor Barnés | Barny Enginyeria. Project manager Project manager: HAUS. Estructuras Structures: Marc Bàrbara | S4 Arquitectes. Promotor Developer: Marcove Industrial. Constructora General Contractor: Grup Marcove. Superficie Area: 4.938m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2018. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
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Carpintería exterior de Madera: Carinbisa

Instalación de cocinas ECO de Nolte Küchen: A.Solanes2010

Instalción solar fotovoltaica: RDmes

Solados y alicatados de cerámica: M.OBCN 2015
Manuel Bailo
Rosa Rull
José Hevia