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Restoration of the old path to Móra d’Ebre Castle


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The restoration of the old access pass to Móra d’Ebre Castle uses the landscape as a resource to trace
a topography that facilitates a new viewpoint over the Ebro River.

A project for the restoration of an old bridle path connecting the river façade with the Móra d’Ebre Castle. The old path used to lead to the castle via a towpath that was used to pull vessels upstream. This itinerary, lost after the collapse of dry stone walls and embankments, used to connect two of the town’s key locations: the end of the river, where the pier, sailing club and old bullring are currently
located, and the old town centre, topped by the Islamic castle which has been declared a Cultural Asset of Natural Interest. The restoration of the path as a promenade connecting the natural heritage and the cultural assets of the area opens up new possibilities for potential riverside tourism, but above
all reveals new nooks and viewpoints to the town locals. The new geometry of this shortcut unfolds between olive and agave fields, and provides a view of the boardwalk and riverside landscape. The itinerary traverses the embankments, seeking full integration with the landscape.
Starting with a prior intervention that had consolidated the embankments enclosing the old path, their edges have been used as one of the project’s strategic elements. Out of respect for the sinuous movement of the topography, the geometry of a ribbon climbing the mountain emerges. Concrete walls
finished in a stucco that seeks to emulate the riverbank’s colour palette, in a discreet dialogue with natural stone in order to minimise the intervention’s impact on the area.
The new itinerary takes advantage of every nook and twist in order to reveal new sights and new ways of looking at the river. The iron railing that follows the edge of the path opens up where it reaches the edges in order to reveal a hitherto undiscovered riverside landscape.

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Localización Location: Móra d’Ebre (Ribera d’Ebre), Tarragona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Udeu arquitectura i producción | Sergi Ventosa Hernández, Adelina Casanova Pujol. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Teresa Arnal. Colaboradores Collaborators: Olga Virtanen, arquitecta, Cristina Avilés, estudiante de arquitectura, Sebastià Fernández, cáculo estructuras. Promotor Developer: Ajuntament de Móra d’Ebre, INCASÒL. Constructora General Contractor: Construccions Jaén Vallés S.L. Fecha inicio y finalización de la obra Start and completion date of the works: septiembre - diciembre 2017. Fotografía Photography: Julio Ungidos Gómez.
Udeu arquitectura i producción

Sergi Ventosa Hernández

Adelina Casanova Pujol

Julio Ungidos Gómez