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Mamut Venux Park


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This project for an urban park exemplifies how a changing landscape should evolve in tandem with society.

The Mamut Venux Park is located in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, one of the municipalities of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. It is located in the Baix Llobregat province, on the right bank of the Llobregat River. In line with a previouslyconducted citizens’ survey, the project foresees its development as a new urban park, with a space reserved for a future community centre.
The park is laid out as a system of amoebas that make up series of itineraries connecting the different entrances. With this in mind, the intervention strategy has been to establish a physical matrix based on macro- and micro-nodes. A micro-node is a nucleus of specific activity, while a macro-node is a sum of micro-nodes. The ensemble of these amoebas or macro-nodes arranges the park’s green space, allowing the interstitial spaces to generate the inner paths.
The park is arranged via a strip of precast concrete that gives shape to the various spaces. The park’s inner paths have been paved with concrete on-site. Its various areas, such as the elderly activity area and children’s play park, contain coarse sand. The park’s lighting is resolved with an element that follows the paths in three columns of different shapes and heights, in an attempt to establish a parity with the trees.
Native vegetation has been implemented, evergreen as well as deciduous. In the central space of the park, the deciduous plants minimise solar radiation and reduce heat in the summer, while letting the sun through in winter. On the other hand, the evergreen species act as sound barriers on two levels,
blocking sound from the road. Thus the city becomes greener.
The evergreen plants will be same native vegetation already found in Pi Gros Park, while the deciduous ones will be like those in the neighbouring Agrario Park in Baix Llobregat.

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Localización Location: Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Josep Muxart i Escala | AMB (Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona). Dirección de obra Site management: Josep Muxart i Escala, arquitecto AMB. Dirección de ejecución Execution management: David Aguilar Pardo, ingeniero técnico de obras públicas AMB. Colaboradores Collaborators: Javier Duarte Blanco, Laia Ginés Bagué, arquitectes AMB, Jordi Bardolet Solé, ingeniero técnico agrícola AMB, Jonatan Álvarez Peña, ingeniero técnico industrial AMB, Carlos Ruiz Soria, ingeniero técnico de obras públicas AMB (en fase de proyecto), Cristian Catalán Conde, Yéssica Ramajo García, estudiantes de arquitectura AMB. Propietario Owner: Ajuntament de Sant Vicenç dels Horts. Promotor Developer: AMB (Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona). Constructora General Contractor: Eurocatalana, obres i serveis, S.L. Fecha inicio y finalización de la obra Start and completion date of the works: febrero 2016 – diciembre 2016. Fotografía Photography: Simón García.
Suppliers list
Bancos y fuentes: Santa & Cole

Juegos infantiles (Toboganes): BDU Espacios de Valor

Material para obra civil (arquetas y tapas), mobiliario urbano (aparcabicicletas y papeleras): Grupfabregas

Panots: Panots Jimenez

Pavimentos y mobiliario urbano (bordillos y pilonas de hormigón): Breincosmart
Josep Muxart i Escala

AMB (Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona)

Simón García