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Homes in Zac Andromede-Beauzelle


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The powerful way in which this urban complex has been inserted into the French city of Beauzelle and its brilliant fragmented geometry allow it to adapt to the dominant urban landscape.

Beauzelle is a French town and commune situat- ed in the Haute-Garonne Department of the
Midi-Pyrénées Region, on the left bank of the river Garonne.
According to the project author, “as we always do when we build dwellings, our fundamental concern consists of qualifying the public spaces resulting from the urban layout”. The first decision was to arrange the construction to create a large inner garden centrally located on the plot, to which the communal spaces are successively attached. This interior space in turn constitutes a direct response to the nearby Barricou park that follows the structural course of the city’s suburban railway line.
The fragmented geometry of the housing blocks, the grouping and organization of the different flats, both those organised collectively and the individual duplex flats, were undertaken by always seeking the diagonal vistas that connect their spaces with the landscaped areas that surround the construction.
Red-painted wood and aluminium sheeting are the materials used on all the façades of the different blocks. Typological richness is another of the objectives pursued by the project. In this endeavour we make the most of the corner layouts, which provide opportunities for developing diverse types, as well as the crowning of the buildings, on which special dwellings can be built with terraces that colonise the roofs while generating a compositional profile that avoids monotony.

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Localización Location: Zac Andromede-Beauzelle, Toulouse. France. Arquitecto Architect: Francisco Mangado. Project manager Project manager: Francisco Mangado. Arquitectos colabo- radores Collaborating architects: A + S Architectes Asociados | Sebastien Henry Fresneau, Equipo Francisco Mangado | José M. Gastaldo, Tiago Antão, Enrique Zarzo, Paula Juango, Cristina González, María Esnaola, Mikel Ruiz, Nerea Nuin, Rubén Sanchez Mosquera, Rubén Labiano, Olalla Soto, José Luis León, Juan Azcona. Estructuras Structures: FS Estructuras. Instalaciones Facilities: Technisphere Ingenieros. Cliente Client: Sem Oppidea + Kalelithos. Constructora General Contractor: VDR Construction. Superficie Area: 10.000m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: Octubre 2017. Fotografía Photography: Juan Rodríguez.
Francisco Mangado

Juan Rodríguez
A Coruña