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Refurbishment of a family house in Miraflores


FAD Awards finalist 2019  Architecture
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The Jury’s appraisal: Standing within a ruin, in the midst of a fishermen’s village of narrow, history-filled streets, is this contemporary intervention that displays considerable sensitivity and sense in regards to the setting. The work reveals a great deal of finesse in the way the existing materials were cleaned up and maintained, establishing a connection with the new ones being brought in. The intervention preserves the succession of spaces through their original openings, connecting them to a visually continuous roof that culminates in a new concrete volume opening up the house to the landscape.

The house is located in Miraflores. Muros, a small traditional hamlet comprised of stone houses and many raised granaries that once contained, dried and cured the maize crops. The house is situated on a strongly sloping plot. It was originally composed of two attached volumes according to the traditional Galician home where the main spaces were the stables and the kitchen, with the oven and the stone meat safe. Over time a third volume was added and a series of modifications that distorted its character. The three volumes adapted to the slope, protected themselves from the wind and almost closed themselves off from the breathtaking views of the Muros estuary, giving rise to a partitioned interior of reduced and dark spaces.

The proposal is based on the way this place is understood: the scale of the hamlet, the pre-existence of the house, the
materiality of the stone, the 180º views of the estuary and the way the sunlight strikes the house are the parameters
taken into account when setting out on the action. The project’s idea was to enhance its identity by dignifying the
pre-existence and creating a fluid interior space flooded in light and aimed at obtaining the best views.

The decisions pursued in implementing the idea were to maintain the original stone volumes and their shape and to replace the third added volume, due to its lack of interest, with a new concrete volume in order to complete the built complex. The stone façades retain their original openings, while the new volume features the large windows that open up to the views of
the estuary, positioned to reflect the use of the interior while establishing a dialogue with the pre-existence. The intervention is committed to a sincere use of materials, limited to retaining the stone, bringing in exposed concrete and zinc to unify the roofs. Another of the decisions was to create three roof lights in different dimensions that flood in light the interior walls of the dining space, shower space and the old stables.The interior is now a fluid space traversing the different heights and rooms of the house, enjoying the singular character of each one of the spaces. Playing with scale, visual connections and light, a continuous spatial system was achieved that acts as a backbone for experiencing the space of the house. Galician pine wood is the only material that unifies the interior, providing warmth and reinforcing the idea of the new house: a home.

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Localización Location: Miraflores, Concello de Muros, A Coruña. Spain. Autores Authors: fuertes-penedo arquitectos | Óscar Fuertes Dopico, doctor arquitecto, Iago Fernández Penedo, arquitecto. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Carmen Lousame López. Estructuras Structures: Suárez y García A2 | Félix Suárez Riestra, Ana García Frontela. Becario fuertes-penedo Scholar fuertes-penedo: Jorge Fernández Alonso. Promotor Developer: Carmen Cadórniga Valiño, Xan Filgueiras Lago. Constructora General Contractor: Abaco CR S.L. Superficie Area: 219,45m2. Fotografía Photography: Héctor Santos Diez.
Suppliers list
Constructora: Abaco Construcción Rehabilitación
Fuertes-Penedo Arquitectos

Óscar Fuertes Dopicio

Iago Fernández Penedo

Héctor Santos-Díez