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Stone House in Cáceres


FAD Awards finalist 2019  Architecture
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The Jury’s appraisal: The jury appreciates the precision and forcefulness associated with each one of the decisions taken in the project and in the construction process of this family house, with its great spatial and material clarity. The difficult equilibrium between the geometric simplicity of the floor plan and the complexity of its surprising transversal spatial sequences is reinforced by the expressive structural conception that arranges the whole. We value the proposal’s conceptual abstraction and the way in which it is transformed into an architecture of expressive spatial and material merit. Particularly outstanding also is the quality of the landscape design that complements the building project.

The house discreetly dominates the place, leaning into the natural slope next to the beautiful holm oaks and opening up to the landscape and the city of Cáceres. From this dominant position it seeks to be respectful with the natural-artificial environment, establishing formal and constructional ties with the immediate surroundings and the historic centre of Cáceres.

In its sparing dimensions, the house seeks to be a palace for its users, flaunting this nobility through the extreme simplicity of its layout and the rigorous traditional construction of its volume.

It thus shows itself as a simple prismatic volume with a square ground plan sixteen metres per side, built with stone walls made from local quartzite stone. Three window openings in each one of the sides measuring two metres and ten centimetres, framed in granite stone from Extremadura in a warm hue.

Inside are nine cubical rooms measuring four metres and twenty centimetres per side, which contain the different uses of the home: living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and dining room. Between these rooms are the server spaces of the house, such as cupboards and bathrooms.

Each one of the nine rooms is built on two differentiated strata: a lower stratum comprised of a basin of oak wood planks, which will hold all the installations for the house, and an upper stratum, a white concrete hollow, in which
no mechanism or lighting system will be installed.

In the back part, framed by the holm oaks and olive trees, is an open platform in which to enjoy the open air when the weather permits, with a small pond in which to swim in summer.

On a lower level accessed directly from the street is the entire complementary programme of car parking, installations, storerooms, etc.

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Localización Location: Cáceres. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Tuñón arquitectos | Emilio Tuñón, Carlos Martínez Albornoz. Aparejador Quantity surveyor: José Carlos Pozo. Colaboradores Collaborators: Albert Palazón, Victoria López Cabezas, Jose Miguel Martín, Inés García De Paredes, Miguel Cayuelas Del Barrio, Andrés Regueiro, Javier Chávez Muñoz, Julia Díaz Beca. Estructuras Structures: Alfonso Gómez Gaite. Instalaciones Facilities: Úrculo Ingenieros. Jardinería y paisajismo Gardening and landscaping: Benavides Laperche. Constructora General Contractor: FISSA. Superficie Area: 484m2. Fotografía Photography: Luis Asín.
Emilio Tuñón
Carlos Martínez de Albornoz
Tuñón arquitectos

Luís Asín