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Nursery School in A Veigadaña


FAD Awards finalist 2019  Architecture
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The Jury’s appraisal: The intervention takes place in an industrial estate located in a complex and contentious environment, on an irregular plot with a high groundwater level. It stands out from its surroundings through a particular geometry that distances it from the traditional geometries of industrial units while establishing a dialogue with them by using their same materials. In its interior world, protected, the work creates its own universe and stimulus for children’s imagination.

The project is based on an approximation to a site on the A Veigadaña industrial estate that is complex de to its irregular geometry and its proximity to the course of the canalised stream which it borders. The inconvenience of having to use up the full development potential of the site with such an anomalous geometry required the imposition of the purest geometry, a circle, containing all the functions of the school and two parallelepipeds that regulate the accesses to the exterior. A regular and recognisable geometry that sought to bring order to a setting of contrasts given that the site bordered an industrial network and enjoyed the living presence of the rural world, with high-traffic roadways and the St James Way coming from Portugal, native vegetation and metallic gleams.
The school’s main openings are south-facing in a sequence of large windows and roof lights protected from direct
radiation during the summer months by pronounced overhangs that simultaneously permit radiation in the coldest months.

Responding to the site’s groundwater level, it was decided to raise the building above the site’s natural level with a
cantilevered concrete slab so that the native vegetation of the building can colonise all the soil, leaving a rift of shadow in regards to the building.

The proximity of the A Veigadaña industrial estate led us to explore the language and materials of the nearby industrial units to propose a piece that would be capable of establishing a dialogue with the existence while setting itself up as a singular building and a fit-out providing a community service. This is why, given the reduced available budget and the short execution time available, a screwed-together metallic structure was chosen, on which a fretwork of metallic profiles is arranged plus a lightweight deck that, being exposed, compose the interior and exterior image of roofs and pergolas. The façade is made from undulating sheet metal fretwork, micro-perforated in the playground and before the openings giving on to the surrounding landscape, allowing for a view from the inside but ensuring comfort, privacy and safety in every

A project that seeks to understand and help to arrange the meeting point of the realities that come together here.

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Localización Location: A Veigadaña, Pontevedra. Spain. Autores Authors: Juan Ignacio Prieto López, Faustino Patiño Cambeiro, Estefanía Grandal Leirós, arquitectes. Aparejador Quantity surveyor: Sancho Páramo, Xiana Alonso. Colaboradores Collaborators: Beatriz Queijo. Ingeniero Engineer: Joaquín Pampillón. Promotor Developer: Consorcio Galego de Servizos de Igualdade e Benestar, Concello de Mos. Constructora General Contractor: Misturas Obras e Proxectos S.A. Superficie Area: 756m2. Fotografía Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez, Manuel González.
Suppliers list
Climatización: Ecoforest www.ecoforest.es info@ecoforest.es

Constructora: Misturas obras e proxectos www.misturas.es mailto:central@misturas.es

Impermeabilización de cubiertas con TPO blanco reglexivo: Firestone-Rollgum www. firestonebpe.es info@rollgum.es

Juan Ignacio Prieto López

Faustino Patiño Cambeiro

Estefanía Grandal Leirós

Manuel González Vicente
Redondela, Pontevedra
Héctor Santos-Díez