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Maritime promenade of Prat de Llobregat


FAD Awards finalist 2019  Urbanism and lanscaping
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The Jury’s appraisal: A subtle intervention that succeeds in combining the will to preserve and improve fragile natural spaces undergoing a deterioration process with their use, enjoyment and enhancement by the citizens, who make them their own. The recovery of the dune ecosystems, of the native vegetation, of the wetlands, coexists with internal routes, furniture and recreational and educational uses that respect the setting. The complexity of the work makes of this a touchstone and an example for these types of actions.

The grounds of the new Littoral Park and the new Maritime Promenade occupies the full southern side of the Prat de Llobregat coast, from the airport edge to the beach.

This area previously contained pine groves, lakes, sports facilities, amenities, holiday areas and a campsite, part of which were demolished to construct a new runway for the airport. The area has been reduced to a biological corridor between two natural lakes, Remolar and La Ricarda, located between the airport and the beach.

We sought to create a promenade that preserved this fitting character of a natural space and biological corridor, but in a way that is compatible with the enjoyment of leisure activities in contact with nature.

The project seeks to understand the location and display its environmental traits, ensuring the survival of the ecosystems that comprise it and strengthening them. We have reinterpreted the terrain with the aim of adapting it to the new use conditions, while also facilitating its biological evolution.

The old Cala Gogo Camping had been built by draining the island’s old lake. We have restored this lake, albeit with a different character, as it is now part of the drainage system for the airport’s rainwater. This serves specific environmental functions, such as providing shelter and nesting areas for various species of birds in the surrounding areas.

What remains of the Can Caminos forest is a protected closed area that can be visited by appointment.
From the entrance off Platja road, the pedestrian and bi- cycle path crosses the foothills of the Can Camins forest, between pine trees.

A visitors’ reception centre has been constructed in front of the forest, with direct access to the island’s lake via a bridge. The new Maritime Promenade has been designed to be safe from sea storms thanks to a breakwater buried in the sand. It is a winding promenade nestled within a system of man-made dunes.

Between the Maritime Promenade and the beach’s vehicle entrance, a space has been left for restaurant facilities. The Littoral Park, located past the forest, occupies the premises of the former El Prat golf club. Its topographical shape has been respected, incorporating its constraints into the new design. We have studied the topography of the space: high points, low spots, sandbanks... and proposed viewing points, lounge areas, etc. that adapt to these constraints.

It is from this project that the Maritime Promenade emerges, consisting of double lane for bicycles and pe- destrians that adapts to the topography and vegetation, as it dips in and out of the airport area separated by a series of lakes.

While clearing rubble and invasive flora we found a small lake and rows of tamarinds that have been incorporated into the design of the promenade, modifying the itinerary of the paths.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Imma Jansana, Conchita de la Villa, Robert de Paauw, arquitectos | Jansana, de la Villa, de Paauw, arquitectes SLP, Taller de enginyeria ambiental SL, Iberinsa SL. Colaboradores Collaborators: Carlota Socias, Elisabetta Canepa, Toni Abello, Barbara Hellin, arquitectos, Fernando Benedicto, arquitecto técnico, Paco Cabrera, Gisela Loran, Ester Ferrer, biólogos. Àrea d’Urbanisme, Medi Ambient, Mobilitat i Transport de l’Ajuntament del Prat de Llobregat | Fernando Domínguez, arquitecto director de servicios, Nuria de Torres, arquitecta, Yolanda Arnau, ingeniera agrónoma, Pau Esteban, biólogo. Promotor Developer: Ajuntament del Prat de Llobregat, Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, AENA Oficina executiva del PIB. Constructora General Contractor: UTE Protección Ambiental, UTE Cabeceras Alicante, Hercal. Cronología Chronology: 2006 Anteproyecto parque litoral y paseo marítimo, 2008 Proyecto ejecutivo 1 fase paseo marítimo, 2012 Proyecto ejecutivo parque litoral y paseo marítimo, 2013 Proyecto ejecutivo 2 fase paseo marítimo, 2013 Construcción 1 fase paseo marítimo, 2018 Construcción 2 fase paseo marítimo. Fotografía Photography: Lourdes Jansana.
Imma Jansana

Conchita de la Villa

Robert de Paauw

Taller de enginyeria ambiental


Lourdes Jansana