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FAD Awards finalist 2019  Ephemerals
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The Jury’s appraisal: The jury values the presence of this enigmatic and dynamic element that presides over and orients a space with a supposedly dream-like and disconcerting atmosphere. An element that is refuge and visual reference —aesthetically questioning us with its animal appearance— yet at the same time has a performative and interactive character: it unexpectedly comes to life and surprises us by spitting out different materials and elements through its orifices. It is thus capable of completely modifying the space of the party for a few moments and turn into its leading player.

Luna is part of a festive setting in which the corporeal, the sensitive and the improvised predominate. Luna is halfway between pop-up architecture, a technological assembly, an animal and a meeting place.

A gold figure 4 metres tall is the support for a series of devices for thermal and lighting regulation at the annual encounter, this year in a performance format, known as “General Rehearsal”.

The structure, which comprises vertical and horizontal wooden sections assembled together, can be used for storing apparatuses inside it and for exterior colonisation. Luna is the result of joining together in a single element 5 technologies for environmental modification:

1. Contains six smoke cannons connected to the exterior through small orifices. They “densify” the party’s atmosphere.

2. Two external fans to blow the smoke around.

3. External water pipe around the figure, with mist jets for dropping the room temperature by increasing humidity.

4. External gold thermal blanket cladding for the play of reflections with the spotlights.

5. Elevation of the structure on three legs to generate a space that the users can appropriate with cushions and flowers.

Luna blurs form, technology and performance for the benefit of creating changing atmospheric conditions. Luna is material and immaterial at the same time. Luna is the architecture for a perfect party.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Autores Authors: Mireia Luzárraga, Alejandro Muiño, arquitectos | takk. Fotografía Photography: José Hevia.
Mireia Luzárraga

Alejandro Muiño

José Hevia