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Liquid Light


FAD Awards finalist 2019  International
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The Jury’s appraisal: Details make the difference, but making them visible always requires sensitivity and firm dedication. The work shown here is a mixture between how to transmit something as intangible as lighting in a space and the way this element has become part of the site’s architecture. Added to this is the circumstance that the location and lighting of the Arsenale Pavilion in Venice (having its own entity as an architectural space) is totally different from the Sala Beckett project in Barcelona. This project has achieved its main goal: explaining a whole project by using some elements of the space, adapting it to theatre language and space restriction.

Our proposal for Freespace was to bring a ray of natural light inside the Arsenale Pavilion in Venice. A fragment of Sala Beckett built in real scale, a piece that could be inhabited, offering the spatial experience of something far away. The fragment was a replica of Sala Beckett’s skylight in Barcelona, but the light which made it work was original, it was Venice’s light. The proposal dealt with natural light as water, with the idea of liquid light. The skylight manipulated natural light from the windows of the Arsenale Pavilion to make it appear in the centre of the Sala Beckett in Barcelona. A transposition of place, a translation of light.

This construction, which replicates the space and light of this theatre in Barcelona, brings in light to the core of the promenade, provoking a change in the rhythm of natural light in the show. The light was in suspension, evidencing the capacity of natural light to create an atmosphere.

Once visitors crossed the scenography they found all the process of making Sala Beckett, from the asfound building to the construction and final occupation. This backstage provided the context to the element that they have just crossed: a skylight placed on a first floor in the centre of a far away building in Barcelona.

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Localización Location: Le Corderie, Arsenale Venice. Italy. Autores Authors: Flores & Prats | Eva Prats, Ricardo Flores, arquitectos. Ingeniería Enginnering: Eskubi. Colaboradores Collaborators: Maria Güell, Curro Claret, Nina Andreatta, Jorge Casajús, Judith Casas, Eline Cooman, Inès Martinel, Rebeca López. Promotor Developer: Venice Architecture Biennale. Constructora General Contractor: Art % + Tempo. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
Eva Prats
Ricardo Flores
Flores & Prats Arquitectos

Adrià Goula