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Hotel VP Plaza España

B720. Fermín Vázquez arquitectos

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Solid granite pieces 3m high by 40cm thick define the desire for permanence and authenticity in an architecture that deliberately avoids any cosmetic use in the composition of its façades.
The hotel, with 18 floors above ground level, features a programme of 214 rooms, a variety of activities
on its first floors such as restaurant, spa and events room as well as a terrace with swimming pool and bar on floor 12. This last one is called Skybar and has independent access from Plaza de España. The internal courtyard operates as the backbone around which the rooms revolve, while providing the opportunity for greater spatial quality inside the building. The glazed background to the swimming pool in the Skybar terrace illuminates this internal atrium like a great roof light.
In terms of composition, the definitive proposal (the result of a laborious agreement between the City Hall, the Heritage Commission and the Ownership) translates into a clear determination to achieve a timeless feel, material quality and compositional clarity. The building’s volumetry is staggered, aligned and adapted to the neighbouring buildings on the façade giving on to calle del Río, giving rise to successive setbacks and/or gaps that, through the shadow generated, mark
the division between the existing alignment and the upper volume. This succeeds in generating an effect of floating lightness above the plinth marked by the existing crowning levels of the neighbouring buildings.
A single formal resource characterises the entire façade: a sequence of cracks with a cylindrical section, like vertical striations 60 centimetres wide, modulate and crimp the entire elevation. A restrained abstraction of an ornamental resource with classical echoes that can be read as the flat development of a Doric column shaft.
Granite is a traditional material found in the best buildings in central Madrid and is also present on the façades of the chain’s other hotels. The owners had expressed their predilection for granite. Its intensive use on the façade as almost the only material also answers the wish to respectfully integrate the building into its historic and monumental setting.
With the same rhythm and form of the granite fluting, curved glass is used as double glazing for the façade openings. While the hewn granite alludes to the stone ornaments on the façades of many nearby historic buildings, the curved glass panes allude to the fantastic examples of glazed galleries, shop windows and proto-modern façades of the neighbouring Gran Vía.

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Localización Location: Madrid. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos | Fermín Vázquez, Ana Bassat. Dirección de obra Site management: Mikel Vega, Rafael Abad. Equipo b720 b720 Team: Pedro Baltar, Sara García, Gustavo Gaudeoso, Laura Martin, Álvaro Alonso, Pablo Garrido. Estructuras Structures: Valladares Ingeniaría. Instalaciones Facilities: Valladares Ingeniería. Promotor Developer: VP Hoteles. Constructora General Contractor: Tilmon España S.A. Superficie construida Built area: 25.398,60m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2018. Fotografía Photography: Rafael Vargas.
Fermín Vázquez
b720 Arquitectos
Rafael Vargas