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Navarra. Pamplona

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Congress palace and auditorium of Navarre

Francisco José Mangado, arquitecto


This is the most important work in quantitative and qualitative terms undertaken by the government of Navarre in recent history. The project houses halls with different seating capacities as well as an exhibition area measuring five thousand square metres and restaurant areas with a total public surface, as well as service areas and administrative offices. The solution, conscious of the enormous importance of the place chosen for its location, a place of transition situated in the very historic heart of the city and bordering on the magnificent renaissance citadel, actually bases its configuration on the awareness that any facility of this scope must take into account its enormous capacity to shape the city. It therefore renounces an autonomous architectural vision to create a piece whose principal value resides in the integration of an ambitious idea in terms of urban scale.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: Plaza del Baluarte. Pamplona. Promotor: Gobierno de Navarra-PCAN, S.A. Arquitecto: Francisco José Mangado Beloqui. Colaboradores: Carlos Pereda, Isabel López y María Langarita, dirección de obra, y Carlos Urzainqui y Laura Martínez de Gereñu, proyecto. Aparejador: Pedro Legarreta Nuin. Ingeniería: NB 35, S.L., estructura, e Iturralde y Sagües, S.L., instalaciones. Construcción: OHL, S.A. Fotografía: Roland Halbe y César San Millán.
Francisco José Mangado Beloquí
Pamplona, Navarra
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