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Commercial premises in Barcelona

ADD + Arquitectura. Manuel Bailo y Rosa Rull, arquitectos


The intervention takes place in premises situated on the ground floor of a building in Barcelona's historic centre, characterised by its reduced dimensions, the trapezoid-shaped floor plan and its development over two interior levels, between which a ceramic vault is interposed. A helicoid-shaped staircase links up the two storeys, independently from a second staircase that leads to a mezzanine occupying the interior centreline of the ground floor. Overcoming the vault as a physical obstacle interposed between the two storeys is a concern that constrained the design process right from the start. In this sense, the first development of a physical order was to perforate this constructional element by creating a series of circular skylights that allow light into the lower level. The second one, of a significant order, is installing a double stretch of metallic tubes that invades the entire space and takes on different significant but also functional roles.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: C/ Avinyó. Barcelona. Promotor: Esteve Aguilera, S.A. Arquitectos: ADD + Arquitectura. Manuel Bailo y Rosa Rull. Colaboradores: Alfredo Romero, responsable del proyecto, y O. Florejachs, P. Juárez, M. Rull, J. Maroto, R. Rivero y N. Canas. Cálculo de estructura: M. Cabestany. Construcción: Xedex, S.A. Fotografía: Giovanni Zanzi.
Manuel Bailo
Rosa Rull
ADD+ Arquitectura

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