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Office buildings in Sarrià. Barcelona

Esteve Bonell, Josep Maria Gil, Josep Ribas Folgueras, Josep Ribas González y Francesc Rius


These two office blocks finalise the process of building up a site formerly used for sports practice. In spite of the use to which both buildings are destined, which becomes obvious in the concentration of services and the open-plan design of the interior spaces, on the outside there is an obvious will to approximate them to the domesticity emanating from the rest of the constructions situated on the block. The fragmenting of the volumes, the slight movements imposed on the facades and the consideration of these facades as essentially glazed planes ¨Cprotected from the sunlight by strong horizontal overhangs¡ªare resources applied in the project to facilitate this approximation and consequently achieve a maximum of homogeneousness with the different architectures in the complex.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: calles Borí i Fontestà y can Ràbia y ronda General Mitre. Barrio de Sarrià, Barcelona. Promotor: Sarrià Park, S.A. Arquitectos: Esteve Bonell Costa, Josep Maria Gil Guitart, Josep Ribas Folguera, Josep Ribas González y Francesc Rius. Colaboradores: Carles Gelpí y Oskar Vélez, arquitectos. Estructura: Manuel Arguijo Vila, arquitecto. Instalaciones: 2pr Ingenieros. Pere Iturbide y Carme Iturbide, ingenieros. Dirección de obra: Enric Rego, Imma Ribas y Pere Rius, aparejadores. Arquitecto de la propiedad: Xavier Gómez. Construction management: Ibering, E.P. Control: C.E.P. Ibérica. Laboratorio de control: Intecasa. Construcción: A.C.S. Proyectos Obras y Construcciones, S.A. Fotografía: Lluís Casals.
Esteve Bonell i Costa
Josep Maria Gil
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