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Reform of premises destined for offices

Alfredo Payá, arquitecto


The intervention consists of cleaning the existing premises, removing partitions, false ceilings, doors, obsolete installations and frames that hinder the view of the sea. Remaining are only the structural supports, the forging and the perimetric enclosures. A continuous wooden shell was built, separated from the structure, with the same IPE wood as for the floor and birch in ceilings and in the north wall. The existing enclosures are kept, superposing on them a set of polycarbonate plates in the north front, sheets of mineralised chipboard in the east and glass in the south; an active floor was created that holds all the technical conduits for the office. The resulting space is like a bubble between two landscapes, one opening on to the sea and the other on to the city.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: calle San Fernando, Alicante. Arquitecto: Alfredo Payá Benedito. Colaboradores: Raquel del Bello Cobos y Gema Vicente Puerto, arquitectas, y Beatriz Vera, interiorista. Estructura: Carlos Aracil. Construcción: Obras y Proyectos Efedos, S.L. Fotografía: Juan de la Cruz Megías.
Alfredo Payá Benedito
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