Urbanistic development and intervention on the landscape


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Umbraculum at the International Convention Centre of Barcelona

Ramon Bosch y Bet Capdeferro, arquitectos, con Maria Güell, Iluminadora


The designs with object and urban elements have been the great forgotten in the great implantations that have taken place in this country in 1992 and 2004; very little or no attention has been given those elements that would have permitted adapting the human scale to the vast magnitudes of the buildings while creating climatically and environmentally friendlier landscapes given the harshness of the summers in this country. The trees planted in front of the maritime façade of the International Convention Centre is one of the few examples at the central headquarters of the Forum 2004.

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Autores: Ramon Bosch y Bet Capdeferro, arquitectos, con Maria Güell, iluminadora. Estructura: Blázquez - Guanter arquitectos. Consultores de estructuras. Colaboradores: Esther Rosselló, Octavi Pérez, Joan Anglada y Cristóbal Echavarría, Josep Casas y equipo de Capdeferro Constructor, Josep Quintana - Estructuras Metálicas Quintana y Ton Miserachs - T&P Carpes. Construcción: Estructuras Metálicas Quintana. Fotografía: Jordi Bernadó.
Bet Capdeferro
Sant Joan Les Fonts, Girona
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