Portugalete. Bizkaia

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Interior reforms on a dwelling in Portugalete

Ibon Bilbao, Jordi Campos, Caterina Figueroa y Marta Peris, arquitectos


The refurbishment of a primitive dwelling represents an interesting exercise in reflecting on one’s own space, its continuity and its ambient quality, as a mechanism to characterise the proposal. The original organisational structure, presided over by an absolute geometric and distributive rigidity, gives way to a fluid continuous space that goes from one façade to the other, absorbing some of the more public functional roles of the domestic programme. A large curved piece of furniture contributes to delimit the new spaces, pointing out with its geometry this criterion that gives priority to spatial continuity and fluidity.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: Muelle Churruca. Portugalete, Bizkaia. Arquitectos: Ibon Bilbao España, Jordi Campos García, Caterina Figueroa Tomás y Marta Peris Eugenio. Colaboradores: Iván Peña Cortes y Alberto Berga Bermejo. Estructura: Bernuz-Fernández, arquitectos. Fotografía: Ibon Bilbao, Jordi Campos y Marta Peris.
Ibon Bilbao España
Jordi Campos García
Caterina Figueroa Tomás
Marta Peris Eugenio
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