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New Headquarters for the Navarre Council

Maite Mariezcurrena y Oscar Mongay, arquitectos


The new offices for one of the basic governing institutions of the Navarre community are installed in premises whose greatest quality resides in the generous natural light and the wide views provided by the continuous window that runs along the entire external perimeter of the façade. On the basis of this evidence, the intervention starts out from clearing away the existing partitions and arranging the closed spaces along the interior wall, thus allowing the rest to be treated as an open-plan enclosure of almost Miesian vaues. Restraint in the choice of materials and colours, together with the Eames furniture used to fit out the office, underscore this validation of restraint as the basic resource of the project.

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Technical file
Promotor: Gobierno de Navarra, Servicio de Patrimonio. Emplazamiento: calle Arrieta. Pamplona. Arquitectos: Maite Mariezcurrena y Oscar Mongay. Realización: La Guareña. Mobiliario: Vitra / M40. Fotografía: Josema Cutillas. Proyectar Navarra.
Maite Mariezcurrena
Pamplona, Navarra
Oscar Mongay
Pamplona, Navarra

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