Igualada. Barcelona

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Hotel in Igualada

ADD. Manuel Bailo y Rosa Rull, arquitectos


The construction of a new hotel on the edge of the ending of a block between party walls abandons any option to ‘conclude’ this urban piece in keeping with the historic style of the area and instead chooses to enhance the role of the party walls as a fundamental component of the landscape in this sector of the city. In this way the new volumetry is understood as an unfinished ending that permits reading and perceiving the existing party walls in their important role of articulating the urban landscape.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: paseo Verdaguer. Igualada, Barcelona. Autores: ADD. Manuel Bailo y Rosa Rull, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Oriol Florejachs, responsable proyecto, y Joan Maroto, Natali Canas, Pablo Juárez, Maria Rull, Mavi Hita, Alfredo Romero, Marçal Navarro y Daniela Franz. Diseño gráfico: Vinils. Proyecto de estructura: Martí Cabestany. Proyecto de instalaciones: Barny S.L.. Promoción y construcción: Hotel Ciutat Igualada S.L. Fotografía: Xavier Ribas.
Manuel Bailo
Rosa Rull
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