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Office building and hotel in Berlin

Rafael Moneo, arquitecto


In the now historic building designed by Rafael Moneo in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz are defined certain parameters that are fully in force at the present time, some of them sedimented from traditions of great experience. In this sense we may mention the importance of the great inner courtyard or the absolute respect shown for the external alignments as basic mechanisms in the layout of the bedrooms, which are conceived as bands attached to the two alignments as a result of repeating certain thoroughly tried and tested types. In the chapter of the project’s successes we may mention the interpretation of the vestibule-foyer of the ground floor, a true extension of the city that surrounds the building.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: Marlene Dietrich Platz, Berlín. Alemania. Arquitecto: Rafael Moneo. Arquitectos Asociados: Chwalisz und Sieg Mory Osterwalder Vielmo, AP Plan GMBH, Berlín. Project Manager: Volker Sieg. Diseño Interior: Hannes Wettstei, 9D-Design y Dani Freixes. Varis Arquitectes (Bistro Dietrich’s). Colaboradores: Filip de Wachter y Román Cisneros (edificio de oficinas) y Jan Kleihues, Juan Beldarrain, Juan Hevia, Julio Salcedo, Max Holst y Jean-Daniel Boyé. Ingeniería: Boll und Partner. Instalaciones eléctricas: Ingenieur Gessellschaft Höpfner. Fotografía: Duccio Malagamba.
Rafael Moneo
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