Industrial architecture

Sabadell. Barcelona

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BMW Motor Munich Building

ADD+Arquitectura. Xavier Claramunt, Martín Ezquerro y Miquel de Mas


It was proposed to intervene on existing industrial premises at the entrance to the city of Sabadell from the motorway in order to adapt it for use as headquarters of a high-end car dealer. The first stage of the work entailed the completion of the existing construction in order to occupy the entire available space; the second stage involved rearranging the resulting space, through the construction of an intermediate forging. The third one transforms the building into a true advertisement of itself through the iconic assimilation of the metallic protection barriers that extend along the edges of roads and motorways; in this way, the façade of the construction becomes a replica on a giant scale of this metallic profile of sinuous section.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: calles Bernat Metge y Joan Costa i Deu. Sabadell, Barcelona. Arquitectos: ADD+Arquitectura. Xavier Claramunt, Martín Ezquerro y Miquel de Mas. Aparejador: Joel Vives. Ingeniero: Nadico, Jordi Codina. Colaboradores. Yago Haro, Marc Zaballa, Josep Piera, Pau Vidal y Ho-Sang. Construcción: Caña y Caña. Fotografía: Adriá Goula
Xavier Claramunt
Martín Ezquerro
ADD+ Arquitectura

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