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Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León

Luis M. Mansilla y Emilio Tuñón, arquitectos


The general organisation of the museum floor plan is based on a geometry of squares and diamonds, inherited from the characteristic one found in certain Roman mosaics, that give the complex of exhibition rooms and courtyards an extraordinary level of versatility of use that is clearly distanced from museums that severely condition the layout of the works inside them. On the outside the building shows itself as a glass body in a white colour that achieves an intense polychrome look in the external courtyard leading into the inside of the museum.

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Technical file
Emplazamiento: Avenida de los Reyes Leoneses. León. Promotor: Gesturcal S.A., Junta de Castilla y León. Arquitectos: Luis M. Mansilla y Emilio Tuñón. Colaboradores: Andrés Regueiro, Luis Díaz-Mauriño, Ainoa Prats, Jaime Gimeno, Clara Moneo, Oscar F. Aguayo, Gregory Peñate, Katrien Vertenten y Ricardo Lorenzana. Empresas consultoras: J.G. Asociados, Alfonso Gómez Gaite. Dirección de obra: Luis M. Mansilla, Emilio Tuñón y Andrés Regueiro. Aparejadores: Santiago Hernán, Juan Carlos Corona y Arcadio Conde. Construcción: Musac de León UTE (FCC/Teconsa). Fotografia: Luis Asin
Emilio Tuñón
Luis M. Mansilla
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