Urbanistic development and intervention on the landscape


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Forum esplanade and photovoltaic pergola

José Antonio Martinez Lapeña y Elías Torres Tur, arquitectos


The great Esplanade could very well be seen as a mantle that covers industrial buildings and activities. Its shape is derived from the fact that it is the extension of avenida Diagonal that –as it approaches the sea, its natural point of arrival—widens and breaks up into several appendices. This ‘mantle’ becomes a space that in future will be able to house multiple activities. The image of a new avenida Diagonal extending like a hand, with the membranes between the fingers transformed into ramps and stairs that lead to the new marine, is one of the bases of this project. The profiles of the ‘fingers’ have been designed as stairs that lead to a pedestrian walkway following the perimeter of the ‘hand’. One of the cardinal points of the programme of the Forum 2004 is sustainability, the reason why special emphasis has been placed on having a great photovoltaic pergola producing a large part of the electrical energy used by the event while also becoming a true monument to formalise this drive.

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Arquitectos: José Antonio Martínez Lapeña y Elías Torres Tur. Ingeniería: Esteyco Consultor. Javier Rui-Wamba, ingeniero de caminos, Andreu Estany, Ricardo Gil, Carlos García y Miguel Ángel Fernández. Colaboradores estudio Martínez Lapeña-Torres: Aurora Armental, Pau Badia, Josep Ballestero, Guillem Bosch, Marta Carbonell, Alexandra de Châtillon, Luigi Dall’Argine, Sylvia Felipe, Emilia Fossati, Pau Fulleda, Marc García-Durán, Borja José Gutiérrez, Laura Jiménez, Iago López, Lluisa Morao Igesias, José Manuel Navarro, Estanislao Puig, Fidel Savall Sargas, Pablo Tena, Luis Valiente y Jennifer Vera
José Antonio Martínez Lapeña
Elías Torres Tur
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