Multi-family dwellings


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‘Illa del Cel’, a complex of 267 rental flats in Diagonal Mar

Alonso-Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados


In all likelihood, the most attractive works and the most likely to be successful in this selection of interventions by Lluis Alonso and Sergio Balaguer are those that move between pre-war noucentisme, the Catalan late-nineteenth-century modernist style, and the rationalisms that survived the war, thanks to the fact that they are movements without ideological attribution. It is in this no man’s land that certain architectures of notable quality were situated, the greatest virtue of which was in fact having avoided any ideological reference.

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Technical file
Proyecto: 254 vivendes Emplazamiento: Illa 11-A-1. Diagonal Mar. Barcelona. Promotor: Iberespais, S.A. Arquitecto Autor del proyecto: Alonso-Balaguer i Arquitectos Asociados, S.L. Arquitecto/s Director/es del proyecto: Lluís Alonso, Miquel Bargalló y Alejandro Suárez. Arquitecto técnico/aparejador: Josep Carbonell Ingeniería de estructura: BD Promotors Ingeniería de instalaciones: Instalaciones Arquitectonicas. Construcción: Iberespais, S.A. Textos y coordinación: Ariadna Alvarez Garreta, arquitecta Fotografía: Josep Mª Molinos
Alonso Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados
Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona
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