Family houses

Palafrugell. Girona

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Family house in Aigua Xelida (Tamariu)

Archikubik. Marc Chalamanch, Miquel Lacasta y Carmen Santana


This project is simply crude architecture. That is how the architects refer to the contents of this building, which appear as a response to the successive doubts and issues that have arisen throughout the project process. The dimensions and proportions of the site, its relationship with the immediate surroundings, privacy and the search for the best sunlight conditions, the differentiation of the building into two distinct bodies, access to the house, the proportions, dimensions and layout of the swimming pool are project decisions that arise, one after the other, to respond to the successive doubts that have dotted the project process.

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Technical file
Arquitectos: Archikubik. Marc Chalamanch, Miquel Lacasta y Carmen Santana. Colaboradores Archikubik: Garazi Burgoa, Marta Jiménez, Antonia Genovart, Dagmar Ross, Marcus Blum y Bjorn Stürmer. Arquitecto técnico: Constantí Bassets. Cáculo estructura: Carles Gelpí. Interior Coaching: Guillermo Torres. Fotografía: Jordi Bernadó.
Marc Chalamanch

Miquel Lacasta

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